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What is the key to effective marketing or content strategy as a low energy entrepreneur?

Don't you think that posting consistently is the key to effective content strategy?

My answer as a social media mentor for neurodivergent, mentally ill, chronically ill entrepreneurs is no. Posting consistently is NOT the key to effective content strategy.

If the typical advice to “keep showing up” or “be consistent” doesn’t feel available, helpful, or validating to you…⁣

You’re not alone. 💚⁣


This strategy - especially when given without any choice, flexibility, or sensitivity - is often rooted in ableist, perfectionist narratives.⁣

This includes when someone says this kind of advice doesn’t work for them & they’re met with⁣

1️⃣ toxic positivity⁣

2️⃣ mindset block conversations, or something along⁣ the lines of⁣

3️⃣ “too bad, so sad.”⁣


Reasons why the “Just show up + be consistent!” strategy won’t be helpful for everyone:⁣

* Mental health challenges⁣

* Neurodivergence⁣

* Brain fog⁣

* Chronic illness⁣

* Lack of time⁣

* Executive dysfunction⁣

* Concerns for safety if visible⁣

* Lack of support⁣

* Anxiety w/ being seen⁣

* Overwhelm⁣

* Simply don’t want to⁣

It’s not your fault nor is it a “mindset block” if posting consistently or showing up in the ways we’ve been taught doesn’t feel accessible for you.⁣


“But Kendall, don’t you realize that’s how these apps work?? What is there to do instead??!”⁣

My answer — IDK. It depends on the individual. I’d want to learn about your needs, mental health, creative process, & goals.⁣


This is why when I work with my clients, we focus on *capacity.*⁣

We ask questions like⁣

✔️What do I have the energy for today?⁣

✔️What feels available to me right now?⁣

✔️What support do I need to finish this task?⁣

Because social media + content creation can be a grind.⁣

But also, it’s a potent way to grow + sustain your business.⁣

So especially for folks who are neurodivergent, living with mental and/or chronic illness, we want to look at how to make social media a simpler, gentler process day to day so *long term* it can help your business thrive.⁣

This often involves NOT doing many of the things we’ve been told we’re “supposed to do” with content.⁣

Because if we’re going to make social media something that’s NOT draining, we will end up doing things differently.⁣

🫶 If that’s what you’re ready for — to set down the “shoulds” + “supposed tos” for something gentler — you can apply for my 1:1 social media mentoring here.

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