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work with me one on one!

Welcome to social media strategy for
low-energy entrepreneurs.

A 6 month mentorship for creatives who want

a thriving online business supported by their social media pages

that DOESN'T sacrifice their mental health.

Everyday I work with neurodivergent entrepreneurs who also live with mental and chronic illnesses who have been told over and over...


"Keep showing up!"

"Be consistent!" 

"Don't compare yourself to others!"


And yet they still find themselves burnt out, creatively drained, emotionally taxed, + at a loss for how to keep sharing their work.

But when we team up, everything changes.


Inside my Social Media Mentorship, you can expect to...

  • Discover a unique-to-you method of creating content, posting on social media, marketing your magic, and building serious momentum on social media WITHOUT burning out.

  • Be held, validated, and supported, especially in those moments when you’re questioning it all or want to give up.

  • Land in a space where you can finally be brutally honest about what you're feeling, thinking, and dreading about being a creative entrepreneur who uses social media. 

  • Expand your business in a way that feels gentler, slower, functional, realistic, and more human than anything you’ve tried before.

“When I found Kendall's concept of anti-perfection, I felt liberated.

Kendall's tips and resources have been extremely helpful in supporting my shift away from perfectionism in my business and everyday life.”

- Lauren 

Do you often feel like…

  • Most coaches, mentors, or supervisors don’t get how your brain works? Or how draining having a mental or chronic illness truly is? 

  • If you get told you have to do one more thing to be a “good” or “better” entrepreneur, artist, professional, or human…you might lose it?

  • You see posts from coaches about “letting go of your perfectionism” and you have no idea how you’re supposed to even do that or if it’s even possible for you?

  • People online talk about content creation and entrepreneurship in a way that makes you feel like any stress, overwhelm, or anxiety you experience is your own fault? 

  • Nobody gets how much processing you have to do in a day to deal with all the comparison games, shame spirals, and critical self talk that comes up, especially when online?

If you said yes to any of the above we might be a good fit.

“Before starting my own business, I worked in environments where it was considered normal not to take breaks and to work until a task was fully finished. I found myself carrying this over into my business, which led to a lot of exhaustion. Kendall introduced me to the idea of validating the needs of your present self. This has helped me a lot in the way I approach my work and also how I care for myself outside of work.”

- Lauren

This mentorship is for the low energy entrepreneur who is

*ready* to learn how to set down what you’re “supposed” to do for social media 

so we can interrupt any cycles of inadequacy + perfectionism 

you experience creating & sharing content.

Together we'll *relieve* the mental + physical drain that content creation is causing 

so you can post more frequently than ever about your offers

WITHOUT overextending your energy or nervous system.

Let’s get you feeling more certain

and less overwhelmed about social media.


This mentorship was designed for the low-energy entrepreneur

who wants their business to expand.

Who is ready for their business to find a steady flow,

a flexible rhythm that feels simple,

delicious, and oh so supportive. 

This is for the creator who wants to feel more confident

in their content, their marketing and all the decisions they make in their business… 

but who keep getting stuck in the anxiety or overwhelm of

"new day, new angst over WTF am I supposed to post and why didn’t this get any engagement and no one’s listening why do I bother damnit now I need a nap."

If any of that sounds like what you need,

this space may be a perfect place to land :) 

Hi, I’m Kendall. I’m a teacher turned social media mentor for low energy humans.


I don’t approach social media or content creation like most strategists or coaches you’ll find on Instagram.


There’s a reason for that!


Most of my work is done with folks who experience mental health challenges, neurodivergence especially ADHD and/or Autism, chronic illnesses, physical disabilities, or burnout. 


With my clients, we explore what being a low energy creative person using social media gets to look like when we’re radically honest about our experiences as neurodivergent people, often also living with mental and/or chronic illnesses, being given extremely inaccessible strategies and tools that often activate lots of perfectionism and hustle culture narratives. 


Because your mental health, creative process, and goals for life and work are unique,

our time together will unfold in a way that is specific to your needs, capacities, and comfort levels. 

KB 2022 validatecreate pic.png

who am i?

Here’s what working with me 1:1 looks like:

  • 6 months to start 

    • I find this time frame allows for us to work together through at least a couple of seasons of your life, so we can notice patterns, track progress, go through trial and error, and not feel rushed.

    • I also know from experience with myself as well as my clients that being low energy means that time often gets eaten up by things like flare ups, episodes, cycles, etc. This gives us time to account for those inevitable dips in capacity. 

    • If we feel like our process is complete enough at the end of 6 months, we can bring our contract to an end. If we want to continue to work together, we can add on more time in 3 month chunks. 

  • The Voxer App: I’m available throughout the week for messages, updates, and brain dumps from you

    • You can send me a message at any time.

    • If it is sent outside my office hours windows, I'll respond back to you the next time I'm in voxer! 

    • Sometimes I’ll have the availability and capacity to check voxer outside these time frames, so you might get a response before my set office hour windows, but bare minimum, I’ll get back to your messages during my office hour blocks. I’ll let you know what those currently are when we begin our work together!

“Getting to work with Kendall 1:1 has been a total gift.

Kendall’s winning combination of education, experience, and empathy set her apart. I recommend her mentorship wholeheartedly!

- Lisa 

What is Voxer? 

  • Voxer is a messaging app⁣ (feels similar to Instagram DMs). We have our own private chat channel.

  • You can text, send photos & videos, & do unlimited voice memos⁣

  • I’ve found this format is supportive for low energy humans whose capacity for meetings is unpredictable⁣

  • Consider me in Voxer as your on-the-go, always in your back-pocket, day-to-day support system, brain to be picked, and space holder available via walkie talkie and/or text messaging  

What do we use Voxer for during this time together?

  • A place to have your thoughts, feelings, and frustrations acknowledged and validated

  • A way for me to observe patterns in what’s coming up for you (my brain LOVES finding patterns)

  • A collaborative workplace for us to brainstorm, organize ideas, create plans, workshop content / art

  • A space for feedback on how we’re noticing perfectionism coming up for you and suggestions for what to do with that information about yourself

  • A respite for some gentle encouragement, friendly banter, or support for prioritizing your wellbeing 

  • A cozy home for your unique process as a low energy creative


Cost = $444 USD per month with extended payment plans available 

Before starting my own business, I worked in environments where it was considered normal not to take breaks and to work until a task was fully finished. I found myself carrying this over into my business, which led to a lot of exhaustion.


Kendall introduced me to the idea of validating the needs of your present self. This has helped me a lot in the way I approach my work and also how I care for myself outside of work.”

- Lauren

Examples of what our process *could* look like:

  • If you never want to batch content again in your life → We practice creating content based on what you feel like talking about in the moment and what your capacity looks like for filming, creating, and writing.

  • If you want a loose structure to rely on  → We workshop through trial + error + reflection a few content creation steps that you choose from based on your energy levels.

  • If you like feeling organized but need someone else to do that for you  → We simplify your content creation steps as much as we can and build some workflows + folders for you that can move WITH your creative highs + energy lows. 

I don't have a pre-determined framework for you.

That's kind of the whole point, LOL.


As we talk through what's coming up for you (thoughts, feelings, questions, sticky points, frustrations) with your content + social media pages...

we'll simplify, organize, and create supports that make sense for how you like to work and what's reasonable to expect based on your energy + mental health.

Some clients leave with several templates, google docs, folders to help them with their process + organization.

Others leave with not a single physical or digital note in sight, but their creative process feels alive + well inside themselves. 

It all gets to be what you need.

Your energy. Your creativity. Your flow.

If we work together, I want to make sure you know…

  • All of our work is rooted in choice, consent, and collaboration.

  • I believe that you know yourself best. Your autonomy will always be honored. 

  • This work is an ongoing process. There is no finish line. There is no “achieving” perfectionism healing. 

  • You will always be given the space + freedom to say no if something doesn’t feel good or true for you. 


My 1:1 mentorship is one of the ways I uplift fellow exhausted, overwhelmed

creatives and entrepreneurs through social media strategy that is

focused on your needs and the needs of the people in front of you. 

Who is my 1:1 social media mentorship ideal for?

  • Entrepreneurs who dread making content.

  • Entrepreneurs getting started on a new app. 

  • Entrepreneurs who want their content to do more for them creatively and for their business. Entrepreneurs who want their content creation to feel like an in-sync part of their business + flow.

  • Entrepreneurs who feel like they keep chasing after content strategy hack after hack trying to find the magic key that will unlock everything.

  • Entrepreneurs who use social media for their business but currently hate it.

Some common topics that come up in my work with my clients:

  • Energetic capacities

  • Simplifying our process

  • Transitions between tasks, activities, seasons of life 

  • How to tell if something is serving you or if you’re serving it

  • Boundaries with work 

  • Self talk as you show up online 

  • Cues for what to do next in work / routines 

  • How to take breaks 

  • Nurturing self worth as a creative

  • Small joys

  • Restful rest


If you’re wondering … what do these things have to do with social media?? 


Let me remind you that I don’t approach social media and content creation like most of the strategists or coaches you see on Instagram.


We’re here to make your content creation process and marketing work WITH your mental health and energy, which means talking about things like boundaries, self talk, taking breaks, resting, etc. 


If that sounds like a relief, a breath of fresh air, or a weight being lifted, 

then this mentorship could be a really supportive space for you to land!

If we work together, you’ll walk away with…

  1. A flexible content creation process that can ebb + flow with your energy lows & creative highs 

  2. Simplified ways to market your offers that make sense to you + your audience that we’ve practiced & workshopped together 

  3. A personalized, nuanced understanding of how perfectionism uniquely impacts your capacities, self worth, and creative process as well as validating, affirming strategies to help you create while living with perfectionism 

  4. Countless reminders and conversations about your innate worthiness for rest, joy, peace, creativity, and care and how it’s not your fault or failing that these things may often feel so unattainable


  • What kinds of people have you worked with before?

    • So many kinds! Small business owners, artists, designers, content creators, coaches, professionals working at companies, writers, advocates, and more

  • What professional experience do you have working with folks with ADHD, Autism, anxiety, depression, PTSD, or other neurodivergent qualities? 

    • I have my masters in special education - I studied for over three years on how to specifically support students in a learning environment who work differently to the status quo (which truthfully is all humans). F*ck the status quo!

    • My time spent teaching was always in an inclusion setting - meaning I was working with students identified with things like ADHD, learning disabilities, Autism, hearing and vision impairments, and more, amongst the general student population. 

    • If you have any questions or concerns about your unique needs and whether they’ll be properly met, please let me know in the application form or by sending me a message and we can talk about what support needs to look like for you!

  • How will we get started? Like what’s the first thing we’ll talk about?

    • I’ll have a few questions I’ll send you up front that you can answer either through writing / typing or voice memo. This will help me get a gauge as to what is most pressing. 

    • That being said, you are always in control of what we talk about when. So if there’s something you know you want us to dive into on day one - we’ll start there! 

  • Starting conversations can be hard + awkward for me. What if that part of this coaching container makes me anxious?

    • I'll address this in the welcome email you'll receive! I offer sentence starters, codes, and other options for how we initiate conversations, choose topics, and communicate with each other! 

    • Especially if we've never worked together before, I know that it will take some time + space for us to build rapport + trust. We will move at your pace, and I will never push you to share anything you're not ready to share with me.

    • Also, as we work together and I get to know you better, we can create our own toolbox for making talking or texting easier. 

  • What will this look like when I don’t have a lot of time or energy?

    • I fully expect there to be multiple instances of this. This is one reason why I made this container a six month minimum space. 

    • Breaks and down time from our work together will be an important part of the process. We cannot always be “on.” 

    • We’ll have a way for you to be able to let me know if you’re in an energy low and need to step back a bit. Our collaboration will adjust accordingly by focusing less on creative expansion and more on simplifying your load and validating your immediate needs. 

  • What can I expect to walk away from this mentorship with?

    • I’m not going to guarantee something I can’t back up. I can’t promise you’ll have a bazillion new followers and mad infinite money in the bank at the end of 6 months. And our work together will look unique to you and your business. But across the board, my focus with my 1:1 clients is building and sustaining a content creation process and marketing strategy that can adapt as your energy and mental health shifts, and that is tailored to the goals you have for your business. From there, having that foundation for social media and marketing established, you and your business can move forward supported and sustained for what you want to do next. 


"Having Kendall in my pocket has been one of the best things to have for my business! Any time I get stuck on something she has been such a great help to just have a place for me to discuss my thoughts and feelings.

She always knows what questions to ask me to get me through what I'm stuck on.


Kendall is very kind, caring, respectful and super knowledgeable. We shared many laughs along the way, which I love because she is very light hearted and that really puts me at ease when my brain is going a million miles an hour.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

- Jess

The Details Again:

  • 6 month container

  • Work is done together inside the Voxer messaging app

  • $444 USD / month with extended payment plans available


🆘 A help desk, brainstorming space, venting space, & back pocket support tailored just for you⁣

We work together for six months - taking us through a couple of seasons of your life as you run your business and make decisions about content and marketing. 

We’ll message and voice memo back and forth during weekdays to talk through

  • What you’re needing

  • Brainstorming ideas

  • Venting

  • Holding space

  • Having your process

…As we practice making content creation + marketing a doable and functional creative process for you, your mental health, and energy for the long term. 

My relevant experience and training for this mentorship space:

  • M.Ed. Special Education (For the record, I don’t love that this is what my degree was called when I went to school. I don’t view education, support, or strategy as being either “traditional” and then “everyone else who doesn’t fit the mold so let’s call them special” - I view it as every human is unique and deserves space and ideas and a process that meets their unique needs as best we can). 

  • 5 years as a high school teacher

  • Sharyn Holmes’ BE AN INCLUSIVE COACH certification program for unpacking privilege and building social-justice-aligned businesses 

  • Monique Melton SHINE CLASSES including Breaking up with Perfectionism Parts 1 & 2

  • Katie Kurtz’s CULTIVATE program for trauma-informed space holding

Currently social media apps are a main way

to grow a business + find your people.


The actual process of creating content and then posting it on social media can be extremely inaccessible + overwhelming to people who experience executive dysfunction - like people with ADHD, autism, OCD, PTSD, high sensitivity, intense perfectionism…the list can go on. 

So, us neurodivergent, mentally ill entrepreneurs need strategies to be able to use these apps long term.

That will sometimes mean sacrificing what’s good for the algorithm for what’s good for you.


Like I said, I’m not like most social media coaches. 


Low energy-friendly social media strategy is long game focused.

We look at day-to-day, what makes sense for your capacities so that long term, you are able to keep creating + running your business.


It’s not about getting social media or business “right” – 

⁣It’s about what you have capacity for + what feels good for your brain.⁣

So that you can create content and market your offers long term WITHOUT 

debilitating overwhelm, anxiety, or repeated cycles of burnout. 


Let’s get you feeling more certain and less overwhelmed about social media.

FYI - Filling out the application does not lock you in to working with me nor does it guarantee we’ll work together (though I hope we do!) It is the first step.

  1. I’ll review your information and depending on your answers, we’ll move forward in a way that makes sense for where you’re at.

  2.  It could look like us getting started ASAP, it could be us emailing or voice memoing back and forth a bit to talk some more, it could be us looking at a different path to you receiving support!

  3. There are prompts in the interest form to help let me know where you’re at in knowing if you’re ready to move forward with us working together right now or if you need more time or clarity before making that decision! 


TLDR - no pressure. 



Statement of Scope and Competency:

I strive to hold space and offer strategies that are trauma-informed and inclusive of an individual’s lived experience and social identities. I have completed a trauma-informed space holding curriculum, am actively engaged in anti-racism study and work, and am deconstructing capitalistic standards and values in and out of my business


I want to make it clear that we do not guarantee an automatic safe space for you – I recognize that you are the decider of what feels safe and expansive for you. My intention is to allow you to access your internal safety as best you can in our current social climate through ample consent, choice, and clarity in our time together.


This mentorship is not a substitute for therapy or any other professional health consultation, diagnosis, or treatment. I will remain in my scope of practice when engaging with you and our work together, and I will refer out to qualified individuals for more aligned support when necessary.

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fill out this form:

​For a written walk-through to filling out this form, check out the caption on this Instagram post!

  • This application gives me an idea of where you're at, how you feel, and where you'd like to go!

  • The more you're available to share here, the better I know what kind of support you're looking for.

  • If filling this out feels overwhelming, feel free to email me at to let me know you're interested in working together and we can email or voice message to see if we are a good fit. 


Filling out this application does not guarantee we will work together nor does it lock you into working with me. 


After submitting this form, I will take a couple of business days to review it.

Then, I will reach out to you via email with our next steps! 

Next steps will depend on your unique application answers, but could look like:
- us emailing back and forth a few more times
- us voice messaging back and forth to get to know each other a little bit more
- me sending over the contract if you've indicated you're ready to get started and I see that we'll likely be a good fit working together. 

Any issues, questions, or concerns, email me at

“In the time that Kendall and I collaborated, I really came away with a lot of clarity and tools I can use in the future for things that felt murky to me at the time. I also was struggling with a specific situation that, without Kendall's feedback and support, would have been much more difficult to weed through on my own. Nothing felt forced or judgy, it was a complete pleasure!

Having someone like Kendall to talk out things and

get feedback on was so valuable.”

- Wendy

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