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There's a lot we can criticize about social media and content and the impact it has all had across society 


I believe that authentic, sustainable content creation, especially from people like you, is deeply meaningful. I KNOW that being in the space of a content creator with ideas, art, teachings, offers, experiences that resonate with you and what you’re going through can *literally* be life-changing. There are content creators I have found that have had an extraordinary impact on my quality of life – whether from life hacks, humor, inspiration, validation, mental health support, beauty and peacefulness, sleep support, the list can go on and on.

There’s a lot of content out there that sucks and is actively making things worse with issues like hyper-consumerism, perfectionism, ableism, racism, sexism, homophobia, internalized capitalism, diet culture and fatphobia, purity culture, unrealistic beauty standards etc etc etc (yikes) 


If you’re here vibing with my website, I can pretty confidently say that we need MORE of what you have to share with the world. AND, that it might be difficult for you to actually get what you want to share out onto a platform. 


I’m someone living with depression, anxiety, PTSD, and lots of other *things* that makes the everyday tasks and processes of being a semi-functioning adult very challenging. Things like laundry, dishes, dog walks, grocery runs, refilling meds take A LOT of brain power and energy for me to manage. 

Content creation is yet ANOTHER multi-step process with tons of decisions you have to make. And, like dishes or laundry or cooking, it is never “done.” And every platform has its own set of steps and decisions you have to contend with. But I rarely if ever see this acknowledged by mainstream, popular, go-to content strategy. 

Usually, content strategy plows forward with the checklist or the planner or the calendar under the assumption that it will be totally doable for you to keep up with the content creation output they have deemed as “correct.” 

I never could keep up with all the things we get told we “have” to do to “take content seriously.” 

But I really enjoyed posting. I loved sharing ideas. I loved connecting with like-minded folks. I loved feeling seen. I loved the new ideas and opportunities that the process of regularly posting created for me. I loved seeing my words have an impact on people all around the world. 

The content that actually gets posted is the content that will get seen by the most people.

It’s that “actually gets posted” piece that can overwhelm so many of us.


You deserve to be able to express and share your ideas, your art, your offers, your vision, your dreams. You also deserve to grow, build community, find opportunities, and earn a living from your art, if that’s something you’re interested in. 

Being able to keep posting, keep sharing, keep expressing myself has brought so much wonderfulness and expansion into my life. As a business owner, a creative, and just a regular human. 

I’ve grown two separate TikTok accounts in different niches to over 27,000 followers.

I co-run with my business partner an online community of 600 folks and counting for fellow low-energy entrepreneurs. We’ve had SIX successful enrollments (and counting!) of our small group program – all marketed through social media content. 

I now call myself a writer. I write (almost) every day. I have dreams and plans for a social media platform just for my writing. I have ideas for books. I also write poems ?!?! from time to time. Writing is now a part of my identity and how I relate to the world. 

Getting as comfortable and confident as possible with your content creation process is an amazing foundation to build for the development of your creative dreams. 

And you deserve a content strategy that HONORS who you are, what kind of energy you have, and what your mental and physical experience is like as you create and share and are vulnerable with your ideas. 

I believe the world will be a better, gentler, more compassionate place the more that disabled, chronically ill, mentally ill, neurodivergent humans can share their art, ideas, and dreams. AND I don't want you to be too burned out or overwhelmed to be able to keep on sharing long term, IF that's what you genuinely want to do. 

I know that through making posting a less stressful process - your creativity and art and ideas and business (if you have one) have so much more potential to grow and evolve! I can't wait to see where this takes you!

Ready to DE-STRESS how you think about content creation as a process and part of your creativity? 

After my years of making content creation compassionate and functional for me, and working with my clients and communities on their struggles with posting, I’ve written you a guide with my TOP 6 reminders that I find myself repeating over and over and over again. 


This guide helps you access an anti-perfect, low-energy-friendly, gentle mindset and perspective when it comes to content creation. Especially if you feel bogged down by all the checklists, planners, strategies that we get told we “have” to do to “take our content seriously,” this guide can be a reset for you. 

Grab your free De-Stress Guide now!

Your next step → For specific ideas on HOW to make your content, WHAT to say in your content, and HOW to market your offers with your posts, grab my workbook!


I’ve taken my signature process from my work with my clients to make you a DIY content strategy builder workbook to get you posting more frequently with less stress!


Check out the Get Comfy with Posting workbook!!

"Kendall has made an absolutely incredible difference for me, not only in my relationship with social media and content creation, but also in how I work with myself and my mental health and energy. She's helped me learn how to treat my habits and work in a way that is more sustainable for ME. My platforms have grown so much more with her than they did when I've tried working with a social media manager and all the content creation strategies in the world, and the best part is that I feel SO much better!"


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