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The most common issue I hear from fellow entrepreneurs-- It is NOT automatically simple or easy to market your offers.

“I struggle to talk about my offers in ways that feel authentic but still get sales.” 

Honestly, that’s the whole ball game, isn’t it? 

I mean… after you have the actual business set up, you get in flow with connecting with a community (whatever that looks for you, for me it’s social media content), you have something you can offer and sell to your community, and you have systems in place to keep those processes going long term. 

All that ^^^ is like building the car.

And then figuring out that balance of talking about offers with authenticity and comfort but also success is the gas to make the car go. 

You are NOT doing ANYTHING wrong at all if it is taking you longer than expected to figure out how to make “filling your car with more gas” doable and straightforward for you. 

This sh*t takes a while, which is not what the traditional, super popular girl boss business coaches told us in their “Instagram Business Accelerator” programs.

What you’re trying to land on is a way for you to CONNECT with your COMMUNITY so that they feel EMPOWERED and MOTIVATED to want to take the NEXT STEP with you beyond following you on social media, being on an email list, seeing your products at a booth, liking your posts on Instagram. 

But thanks to capitalism and manipulative marketing that’s baked into oppressive, toxic systems – the examples that come to mind for what that could look like don’t feel like anything you’d want to actually do. Because cringe. Because gross. 

And also being perceived, putting yourself out there, navigating rejection – all things that can be even more challenging for low energy, neurodivergent creatives. It’s not just you, I promise.  

I have no magical template that you can cut / copy / paste. Because what works for you will be totally and completely unique and fluid and organic to who you are, what your values are, what your energy and mental health look like, and what your actual goals are for selling your offers in this season of your life and business. 

This is why in our program, we spend the first 3 calls unpacking topics related to just getting to know who you are as a human and a business owner, in a totally fresh and nonjudgmental space. 

  • Call 1 is getting to better know how you authentically like to create and connect with people. 

  • Call 2 is getting clear on your values and how those values influence your decisions in your business. 

  • Call 3 is your energy levels and mental health as an entrepreneur. 

What I would play with next is PRACTICING (like SO MUCH PRACTICING and EXPERIMENTING) with talking with your community about the IMPACT of your offers / ideas / products. 

What gets to be different (even in a small way) about their life because of something you have to offer? 

This doesn’t even have to always mean an offer that costs money. 

For example, there are content creators I follow and regularly seek out their page to check on their content because I have learned that their content concretely ADDS something to my day. Adds joy. Adds laughs. Adds connection. Adds compassion. Adds beauty. Adds relaxation. Adds stories. Adds inspiration. Adds ideas. 

When your community feels clear and empowered on what it is that your stuff ADDS to their day to day life, even in a seemingly small way, that is where movement will start to happen on them saying YES to your invitations. The more frequently and directly you can practice making those invitations, the more YESes you’ll be likely to see over time. 

You can never talk about your offers or what impact you can have on people’s day enough. Remind people. You’re not being salesy or pushy or tacky. You’re being clear, direct, and intentional with your community. 

You’re showing them you care about having a positive impact on them and their lives. 

Frequency and directness can take a lot of practice and trial + error to make it work for you. That’s totally normal. We get into this in calls 6 and 7 of our program when we talk about content and marketing. 

For now, I invite you to take it one day or post at a time – check in with your energy and brain power.

Ask yourself some check ins like… 

  • Do I have the capacity right now to TRY adding one element of invitation to this piece of content? Even one sentence at the end saying to check out my XYZ offer is more than nothing. 

  • Can I add one more sentence or bullet point that tells my community even one small thing that this post or this offer could ADD to their life if they say yes? 

  • If I have a little more energy and time, could I try explaining one small way that my community members could USE this offer in their day to day to add something positive to their experience? To start painting that picture of the IMPACT of my ideas/art/offers could have for them? 

And then go rest. Go take a break. Putting yourself out there like this takes time to build up comfort and confidence with. Baby steps in your comfort zone over time will add up and help you stretch that comfort zone little by little so you can talk about the IMPACT of your OFFERS with more FREQUENCY and DIRECTNESS to help empower your community to say yes when they’re ready. 

You DO have to talk about your offers for your community to know that you have something to offer them.

But we know it is hard. You’re doing your best. You’re slowly but surely figuring it out for you, on your terms.

Keep going, we need what you have to offer <3 

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