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What if you start posting MORE, with way LESS stress and overwhelm as you create?

And… where could that take you???

What if you could set down all the “rules” and “shoulds” that you’ve been given for content creation?


That includes – how you make your content, how often you’re posting, what you’re saying in your content, and even how you’re incorporating selling points or calls-to-actions. 

The more you are able to post, the more you’ll learn about yourself as a creative, a business owner (if you are one), a thinker, a leader, an artist, etc. But for so many of us, the actual process of *creating content* is never a given. 

I’m someone living with depression, anxiety, PTSD, and lots of other *things* that make the everyday tasks and processes of being a semi-functioning adult very challenging. 

When I got started with regular content creation several years ago, I quickly saw that so much of the strategy out there was NOT going to work for me and my brain and my low, often unpredictable, energy levels. I never could keep up with all the lists and calendars and strategies and optimizing. 

But I really enjoyed posting. I loved sharing ideas. I loved connecting with like-minded folks. I loved feeling seen. I loved the new ideas and opportunities that the process of regularly posting created for me. I loved seeing my words have an impact on people all around the world.

The content that actually gets posted is the content that will get seen by the most people.

It’s that “actually gets posted” piece that can overwhelm so many of us – especially those of us who are neurodivergent, mentally ill, chronically ill, low-energy, exhausted by all the demands on our time. 

But you have something meaningful to share. I know you do because everyone does. You deserve to be able to express and share your ideas, your art, your offers, your vision, your dreams. You also deserve to grow, build community, find opportunities, and earn a living from your art, if that’s something you’re interested in. 

The more you post, the more you will learn about what you want to keep doing. The more you post, the more you will grow and evolve as a creative. From that place of being able to post more frequently without burning yourself out or feeling overwhelmed all the time, the possibilities are endless. 

Being able to keep posting, keep sharing, keep expressing myself has brought so much wonderfulness and expansion into my life. As a business owner, a creative, and just a regular human. 

I’ve grown two separate TikTok accounts in different niches to over 27,000 followers.

I co-run with my business partner an online community of 600 folks and counting for fellow low-energy entrepreneurs. We’ve had FIVE successful enrollments (and counting!) of our small group program – all marketed through social media content. 

I now call myself a writer. I write (almost) every day. I have dreams and plans for a social media platform just for my writing. I have ideas for books. I also write poems ?!?! from time to time. Writing is now a part of my identity and how I relate to the world. 

Getting as comfortable and confident as possible with your content creation process is an amazing foundation to build for the development of your creative dreams. 

And you deserve a content strategy that HONORS who you are, what kind of energy you have, and what your mental and physical experience is like as you create and share and are vulnerable with your ideas. 

You CAN have a gentle, flexible, sustainable posting process that works WITH your neurodivergent brain & low energy. I know it’s possible.

I’ve taken my signature process from my work with my clients to make you a DIY content strategy builder workbook to help you post more frequently with less stress!

See changes like these!

Getting comfier with posting can have a quick and transformative impact on your creativity, productivity, and stress levels while navigating growing an audience and/or running a business. These are just some examples of what that has tangibly looked like for folks I’ve worked with in the past using the strategies + resources included in this workbook:


What You Can Expect From Having + Using this Workbook:

  1. A soft place to land when posting feels like The Impossible Task. 

  2. Tons of reminders and perspective shifts related to content creation that give you answers and comebacks to anxiety, overwhelm, and perfectionism so you are actually able to take steps forward towards your goals. 

  3. A solid foundation of ideas + strategies for physically creating content, what you want to say in your content, and adding marketing elements to your content → ESPECIALLY for when your energy is low or your brain has stopped braining but you still need to post something. 

  4. Confidence in what you’re sharing, how you’re sharing it, and why you’re sharing it → regardless of what happens on the other side of hitting “post” in terms of likes, follows, shares. 

  5. Clarity on your creative process, your values and vision as a person posting, and likely some new things to reflect on for where you might want to go next in business, content, creativity.


This workbook is built on years of trial + error and reflection as I figured out how to make content creation and business sustainable for me and my mental health and helped my clients do the same!

What’s Included:

  • A 30+ page workbook organized into 5 sections to help guide you through a gentle process of reimagining your content creation flow, solidifying a trustworthy bank of topics ideas and starting points for new posts, and generating a clear plan for including more selling + invitations into your regular content. 

  • Prompts to get you to tune into your authentic capacity and process – not what some social media strategist said you “should” be doing 

  • Tables to organize your ideas for posts 

  • Templates to help provide examples and clarity for what a gentler, more flexible approach to posting and selling could look like

  • My giant list of ideas for what you can post on Instagram stories 

  • So much help for those moments when content feels impossible and you have no idea where to start for your next post

Please note that this is a digital download ONLY.


Let’s get you feeling comfier and confident with posting!! 

I’m so excited to see what comes next for you after we make content creation a more easeful and authentic process!

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