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I need emotional support to switch to a new task. A major source of overwhelm for neurodivergent biz owners that we need to talk about...

I want you to practice noticing some transitions in your day - business related or not - to see how they make you feel. 

Transitions are hard. The most famous example of this being the “Sunday Scaries.”  

I have two degrees in education and I feel like most of the curriculum was just about how to effectively get kiddos from one activity into the next (I’m joking but also not really). 

I currently help take care of 2 toddlers – holy good god, if you also care for young children… you KNOW. Switching from playing outside to going inside for naptime could be the most stressful, tense, emotional part of your whole day. I use so much brainpower and intention to make our transitions from one thing to the next as gentle and functional and accessible as possible. 

What does this have to do with low energy entrepreneurship? 

ESPECIALLY if you are like me and Meg, you might be neurodivergent. I have PTSD that means my brain and cognitive functions can get really stifled and cut off by an abrupt transition. It literally can trigger my fight and flight, and with PTSD, that’s so dysregulating for my whole system. Meg has ADHD and autism and we talk often about her need for structure and plans but also flexibility and having nothing planned. 

Noticing how you and your brain and body respond to various transitions can be so so helpful and expansive for building a more compatible and sustainable business for yourself.

Some transitions you can start to pay attention to:

  • What your first “business” task or event of the day is. What time is it? What kind of task is it? How much energy / what kinds of energies does it require? 

  • How do you “end” your business day? Especially if you’re self-employed, there can be way less structure given to use for working hours, schedules, time on and time off. 

  • How does it feel to exit one major task or meeting and start another? Does having time in between help you feel more nourished? Or does it create too many breaks? 

  • What do you do right AFTER you post something to social media for your business? How do you decide when / how you move onto the next thing? 

The more you learn about what your brain and body need to best cope with switching from task to task, from mode to mode – the gentler and more functional you can structure your days, organize your tasks, add in nourishment and support for your capacities, and make decisions for your business that fit with your needs. 

Your business and how it's set up doesn’t need to look like anyone else’s. AND, how your brain and body respond to transitions likely will shift and evolve from season to season of your life. Permission to allow that flexibility and opportunity for trial and error and changing your mind as things change :) 

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