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about me

The short version of my adult life story is that for 5 years, I was a high school teacher with my masters in Special Education, but then left my teaching career in the summer of 2020 due to major mental health challenges. 


I first got started with content creation and online community building and entrepreneurship in the fall of 2019 and have continued that journey and exploration ever since. I have created content around so many topics, but my main “eras” have been as a houseplant content creator (@lowenergyplantmom on TikTok), a perfectionism writer + mentor (@antiperfectkendall on TikTok + Instagram), and the co-creator of the framework of low energy entrepreneurship with my business partner, Meg Garcia Jahrman. 

It was through the experiences over the last several years figuring out what content creation + entrepreneurship needed to look like for me, my low-energy body, and my overwhelmed, executive-dysfunction-prone brain that helped me get here. I’ve been able to keep posting consistently in some way, shape, or form while also building an online business for several years now, and I want you to be able to do that, too, without major burnout and without having to dig through strategies that weren’t designed for someone like you. I share my writing and offers here so that hopefully I can help make posting and business a feasible, long-term creative process for more people like me who struggle to manage even the basic tasks of everyday adulting, let alone all the stuff we’re “supposed to do” as content creators and entrepreneurs.

a little more about me + my life now

Now, my life looks like creating content and resources to help people make their own content creation process as functional as possible, writing about perfectionism, taking naps, drinking coffee, journaling, going to therapy, doing crossword puzzles, rewatching Heartstopper, Schitt’s Creek, and Derry Girls, reading fan fiction, and spending quality time with my dear dear friends. I live with PTSD and complex-PTSD, anxiety, depression, and likely also OCD. I’m also a pretty textbook case of eldest-daughter-syndrome (IYKYK). 


I’m a dog mom to Max! I got him in the summer of 2018. He had been adopted and returned to the same shelter 5 times before I showed up to be his mom. Max has some emotional-behavioral challenges and anxiety that require compassion and sensitivity. Creating a supportive environment for him to thrive has shown me how valid my own needs are, and that I’m *also* deserving of being met where I’m at, like I try to do everyday with Max. 


He loves cheese, sleeping, sniffing for bunnies, sun bathing, pup cups, and car rides.


why I do what I do....

I believe the world will be a better, gentler, more compassionate place the morethat disabled, chronically ill, mentally ill, neurodivergent humans can share their art, ideas, and dreams. So I use my skills and expertise from teaching, my own experience as a creator, and my work with my clients and community members to help make posting and entrepreneurship more functional and sustainable for fellow low energy folks. We need your ideas. And we need you to be able to sustain yourself as much as you can whilst sharing your ideas. I’ve gotten to work with so many incredible humans from around the world who have dreams and ideas that I desperately want to see shared and celebrated - now including you!!!

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