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What is Low Energy Entrepreneurship? Q + A

Q: Where did the concept of "low energy" humans come from?⁣

A: Me (Kendall) on TikTok describing my plantcare style that honored my mental health. Instead of prioritizing doing it "the right way" I prioritized honoring my capacity. Low Energy Plant Parenthood was born. Meg & I then brought that same concept + verbiage into entrepreneurship, marketing and creativity.⁣

Q: Is "low energy" a bad thing? Like are we trying to make it so people have more energy to do things? ⁣

A: People not having a ton of energy or capacity is on its own, not a bad thing at all - it's just a truth about their experience. In a capitalist world where output and productivity are the standard, it is seen as bad to not be able to do a lot. We are deconstructing that.⁣

Q: Why do you include specific descriptors or experiences in the low energy "definition"? ⁣

A: The descriptors (such as someone dealing with mental or chronic illness, neurodivergency, disability, parenthood, multiple jobs) are not to exclude. They are to provide examples and validation. We have many say they resonate with the term simply because they do and it aligns with them.⁣

Q: Is "low energy" the same concept ⁣as "spoonie"? ⁣

A: Yes and no. Yes in that we are creating space for people who have less capacity that what our society demands. No in that spoonie came from the chronic illness community, and many in that space like it reserved for that experience as there are realities to the chronic illness experience that are unique, which I think is fair and fine. ⁣

Q: What are the values of low energy entrepreneurship? ⁣

A: Prioritizing mental and physical health, honoring the needs and capacities of your present self, recognizing the impact of privilege, intersectionality, and access in building a business, anti-capitalism, anti-perfectionism, anti-white supremacy, pro-humanity⁣

Q: Isn't entrepreneurship inherently capitalist? ⁣

A: Yes, in many ways, especially when operating within larger capitalist systems. Our work strives to do business differently, in the pursuit of reducing harm, validating the human experience and our needs, and showcasing what a business could look like outside of manipulation, exploitation, and burnout. ⁣

*ALSO entrepreneurs with anticapitalist visions & values are making such an impact in redistributing resources to communities, individuals, & movements that further the causes of social justice & restoring humanity 💚 This is very powerful & shouldn’t be overlooked.⁣

Q: Do I have to identify as a "low energy" person to be in this space?⁣

A: Absolutely not. Low Energy is simply an acknowledgement of people's true energetic capacities and needs - that shouldn't be tied to your worth, value, and status in society, but in our current systems it is. We believe ANY human deserves rest, validation, and joy in their business and life.⁣

Q: Why do you talk so much about creativity with Low Energy Entrepreneurship? What's the overlap?⁣

A: Every human is a creative being. You don't have to be a visual artist or indie filmmaker to be creative. Business is inherently a creative process and outlet. By engaging with our natural creative process, we are validating our current needs and dreams. Creativity is an antidote to perfectionism.⁣

Check out on Instagram for more!⁣

Q: Can low energy entrepreneurship meet my financial needs?⁣

A: We won't guarantee anything related to income. That wouldn't be ethical. Our goal is the long game - low energy creatives + entrepreneurs have ideas + businesses that will change the world. We don't want you to burn out. So traditional hustle culture strategies might work faster in the short term, but what's the long term cost?⁣

Q: How can I experience and learn about low energy entrepreneurship?⁣

A: The best no cost way off social media is through joining our Mighty Network group - The Creative's Space. We post weekday notes about marketing, creative practices, social media & more. The best high-touch way that does cost $$$ is through our small group program, Creative Differences.⁣

Be sure to check out the Mighty Network and join us in community if you are interested.

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