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Being a Content Creator Experiencing Energy Lows

No human has the same capacity every single day they wake up.⁣

We use the term “low energy” to talk about the experience of having an even more impacted or limited capacity, especially ones that can fluctuate greatly.⁣

Energy can change daily, weekly, monthly (especially for hormone cycles), seasonally (according to the weather/year or things going on in your life)⁣.

Because our society expects productivity, output, efficiency, and striving for perfection, having these fluctuations in capacity often get labeled as "inadequate, inefficient, unproductive, lazy, uncooperative, etc." which isn't true at all.


For me personally, my energy lows over the past year have been my depressive episodes. the few years before, it was anxiety highs. then, random days might be impacted due to stressors or triggers that occur in my environment that impact my CPTSD experience. ⁣

The actual energy low will look vastly different from human to human, but we can all come together in community over this shared understanding of what it feels like to have your capacities stripped to the absolute bare minimum. and then to be invalidated and further harmed by the society we live in. ⁣

Energy Lows as a Creative Entrepreneur - AKA periods time (short or long) when your mental, physical, emotional, energetic capacities are lowered.

How do we approach social media strategy in a way that validates these experiences & supports you as a human?

Our focus should NOT be :

-How do we get you out of this low asap (so you can “go back” to being more productive)

-How do you still produce while in this state

-What went “wrong” on your end that led to this

No no. That’s output focused & we are rest & values focused here.

Our focus is holding space for you and your process as you care for your capacities—your mental, physical, and emotional health. This process should not be invalidated or rushed—this is how you listen to your own body for what it needs in the present moment.

When you’re NOT experiencing an energy low...

We can look at how to build in support systems for you, as a human & biz owner/creative, so your needs can be more easily sustained when your energy inevitably fluctuates, whether for a short period of time or longer.

We can get really clear on what are your “must-dos” for you & your business & platforms, & what are the “nice-to-dos”?

And how does this distinction fluctuate as your energy changes?

Meaning some must-dos at your higher energy likely become nice-to-dos at your lower energy.

If more social media strategy that's geared towards the low energy human experience would be supportive for you, be sure to join our free mighty network community, The Creative's Space! Low Energy Social Media is one of our six core topics we post about each weekday :)

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