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For your "unproductive" days as an entrepreneur + creative

This is an invitation to be gentle with yourself on the days when you feel like you didn’t get as much done or weren’t as “accomplished.”⁣


You not getting a lot “done” never has to mean that you then mentally or emotionally beat yourself up for it.

You’ve done nothing wrong.


The conditioning of our society to be as productive as possible will likely show up on days you don’t get a lot “done.”⁣


Low key days are just as important and meaningful as the days when you cross everything off your list.

Truly they’re more significant.⁣


Again, not being what our society deems as "productive" or "useful" does not mean that you are bad or wrong. The narratives that are likely to come up internally when this happens aren't the truth - they're our internalized capitalism, perfectionism, and hyper-achievement.


As always, this isn't your fault. This isn't an accident. And you deserve so much better.

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