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10 Principles of Low Energy Social Media Strategy

  1. Identify how perfectionism affects your creative process and routines. Gently release perfectionism’s grip as a way to liberate yourself from inhumane standards of achievement and productivity.

  2. Validating the needs of your present self is a powerful form of mental and physical care.

  3. Focus on your long-game goals instead of short-term minutia.

  4. Practicing half-assing or not doing things as a way to show your nervous system it’s safe to do so.

  5. Simplify things as much as you can, especially when your energy and capacities are low. Perfectionism will tell you not to do this - don’t listen to it. Honor your present self’s needs.

  6. Remember that people are not paying as close attention as you think they are. Use that knowledge as a release from the unrealistic standards set for yourself and to create space for repeating or reusing ideas.

  7. Build trust in yourself that the ideas will come when you have the capacity for them.

  8. Don’t set 100% as your bare minimum. Give yourself smaller goals over longer periods of time to allow for breaks and rest.

  9. Remember that daydreaming is a vital piece of the creative process, even though it might feel less worthy because there is little to nothing “external” to show for it. That’s society’s toxic beliefs about productivity - which is not a true reflection of the significance of idea development and play.

  10. Taking breaks is a key component to building relationships, for both you as the community leader and your audience as community members.

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