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Navigating Energy Lows as a Creative Entrepreneur

Things to Note About Our Capacities:

  • No human has the same capacity every single day they wake up.

  • We use the term "low energy" to talk about the experience of having even more impacted or limited energetic capacities.

  • Our society likes to label having inconsistent or fluctuating energy levels as "unreliable," "inefficient, or "lazy,"

  • YOU ARE NOT LAZY. Our world is fucked up.

  • matter how supportive our environment is, humans will still have a wide variety of energetic capacities that fluctuate (hopefully it just wouldn't be stigmatized)

There are times when doing anything is hard.

Where everything feels like a mountain to climb.

This is when humans need ample gentleness, compassion, and support.

Not unrealistic or ableist expectations to return to work as soon as possible.

As a content creator and entrepreneur who experiences depressive episodes...Being told by coaches, courses, and endless Instagram posts that I need to be "more consistent" feels extremely dehumanizing and invalidating.

Because we live in a world where we need money to meet our basic needs...We often don't have the ability to take the time to rest that we really need. There's a delicate balance between resting from social media & staying engaged, especially when your livelihood depends on it.

While we continue to live under these harmful and oppressive systems that extend into all parts of our lives, including social media and entrepreneurship...

How can we build in systems of support for ourselves so we can continue to share our messages on social media for the long haul to realize our visions for a better world?

Ideas for Social Media:

  • Have some kind of check-in process for you

    • when you wake up, before you start working, alarms on your phone

    • what's real for you in the present moment?

  • Practice not doing things or doing things half-assed

  • Naturally build in time for ghosting and resting into any kind of schedule/structure you set up

  • Have an "emergency plan" if you still feel the need to post but have no spoons left


Posting will never be more important than your health.

If you need to take a break or a longer pause, please do.

Reflection Questions:

  • In a grounded and safe space, reflect on what your low energy self looks like. What are some common or reoccurring challenges for you related to social media?

  • What are some of your "must dos" versus "nice to dos"?

  • What could a super simple social media routine be for you when you have low capacity?

  • What are some small and tangible ways to build in gentleness to your relationship with social media?

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