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3 Things to Remember Before, During + After Posting on Social Media

3 Things to Remember as you Create your Content:

#1 There’s no one right way to communicate or teach something. Play around with what and how you create your content! Remember that you do not have to do something the same way each time. Release any pressure you might be adding to make creative decisions that will last the rest of your life.

#2 Treat some (or all) of your content like a digital art project!

Play with colors, fonts, stickers, music, and sounds! The more personalized you are when making your content, the more fun the process will be and the more your audience will get to know you.

#3 Lean into simplicity. A post can be one sentence, one fact, one tiny skill. So many of us tell ourselves “it’s not enough, we’re not enough, it’s never enough.” You and what you have to offer are totally enough. People aren't paying that close of attention anyways, so simple is usually better for retention and learning.

3 Things to Remember as you Post your Content:

#1 Hashtags help sort out the billions of pieces of content on an app. Use them like names of stores→ which stores does this content you’re sharing need to be in so that the right “customer” sees it? What "store names" (AKA hashtags) would someone who would really enjoy your content search?

#2 Don’t be afraid of your comment section. It is YOUR comment section. Any comment that makes you feel icky, upset, personally attacked→ that is YOURS to DELETE! You don’t owe the internet your sanity in the name of keeping comments on your videos. That said, be open to new ideas, alternate opinions, and additional information your followers will inevitably bring. That’s the stuff that builds community, fosters innovation, and will keep you going. Reply to as many or little as feels comfortable to YOU. Screenshot and save comments that make you light up and remind you why you got started in the first place.

#3 It is super easy and natural to get caught up in the numbers as we post content. Social media is filled with numbers giving us constant feedback. Don’t judge yourself when you inevitably love watching the views tick up, likes come in, and your follower count grow. You earned those numbers by putting in the work. But remember→ every follower, every view, every like is coming from a human (most of the time...bots are thing). When the numbers don’t add up temporarily to something that makes you feel good, do something to connect with a human in your community. Reply to a comment, watch a video on a follower’s account, comment on a post of a creator you love. Numbers are cool. But humans are way cooler. You’re making content for humans, not for numbers.

3 Things to Remember After you Post your Content:

#1 Social media can be fun! It’s still allowed to be that even as you show up as a leader of a community. Give yourself time to scroll aimlessly, send goofy dog videos to your friends, and make silly lip sync dance videos because it made you laugh. You don’t have to post everything you make! You don’t have to share everything you post to your entire audience. You still get to play and have fun. If you don’t, showing up as your leader for your community won’t feel good long-term.

#2 You are allowed to follow and unfollow whoever you want. Social media strategists, including myself, will tell you that it can help you on the app to follow and engage with people in your “niche” to help tell the app where you want your content to hang out. I say...half-ass that advice. Find a few people in your general content area that make you feel good, that maybe become your online friends, supporting each other. But then find some accounts that you follow for you. That make you laugh. That make you think. That make you feel good to connect with humans on an app. Whether they are in your “niche” or not. Prioritize connecting with humans over mastering the algorithm.

#3 The comparison game can kick in real hard on social media. There are numbers everywhere you look. It’s okay to notice them. It’s okay to feel jealous. That’s totally normal. It doesn’t make you shallow. It means you’re human. Check in with yourself as you’re scrolling--is the endless stream currently making me feel comforted, entertained, happy….or jealous, insecure, upset? You’re here to help humans on an app. But you are a human too, and you matter first. You have a relationship with social media and that takes awareness, work, and patience. Allow yourself to feel what you’re feeling, and then find ways to respond gently to take care of your wellbeing, first. That’s how being a content creator remains sustainable.

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