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I Need the Same Support for My Business that I Offer My Clients.

Yesterday was a what the fuck, big feels, sacred rage, everything is pissing me off kind of vibe.⁣

I forget every year it’s coming but we get to this point of winter & my tolerance & capacity are just gone.⁣

Right now I’m sitting with — seasonal depression, ran out of my meds, & actively working through trauma related triggers that have to do with work. While we’re launching a program.⁣

Great.⁣ (This was written in late January 2022).

It drives me nuts seeing stuff on social media where we’re always trying to “fix” the unhappiness.⁣

I just want to be a messy human with big feels & legit mental health lows that are a valid response to what’s happening in the world.⁣

I saw an IG post recently that talked about how burnout is actually a sign of your nervous system responding appropriately to the overwhelm that is occurring around you & within you.⁣

But there’s so much gunk in online business social media around needing to look like you have your shit together, your business is great, & that you don’t have real problems in the present because otherwise that threatens your authority.⁣

People might not see you as worthy, competent, or successful.⁣

I don’t want authority — I want y’all to know that all this stuff Meg & I have been talking about that we unpack inside Creative Differences and in the Creative's Space — I need it to. I’m using it now.⁣

Our approach of validating capacities, needs, values, & building flexible systems — I’m utilizing all that right now to support me through this wave of emotions & depletion.⁣

The world is so draining.⁣

It doesn’t have to be this way but it is.⁣

So while you’re navigating this exhausting world, let’s approach business & art with validation of what you’re going through⁣.

Let’s not “fix” you.⁣

You’re not broken. Society is. ⁣

So as best I can to do my part bit by bit to push back against this depleting society & care for entrepreneurs, I will do this.⁣

In a way that feels honest.⁣

And honestly? I’m right there with you — needing lots of space & support for running a business as a low energy human.⁣

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