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You don’t need to have “something to show for” your time off as an entrepreneur + creative

It’s so sad that we have such high demands and expectations of ourselves when we have time off or get a break.⁣

We feel like we have to “take advantage” or “make the most of it.”⁣


Of course we have this pressure to “make the most” of time off because it’s limited.⁣

It can be scarce.⁣

We don’t always know when we’ll have it again.⁣

That’s not right.⁣

That’s not humane.⁣


Capitalism, perfectionism, and over-achieving have robbed us of our capacity and ability to truly take time off from being “productive” and really rest.⁣

When you’re stuck stressing about if your rest is productive or good enough … that’s not really restful.⁣

That’s perfectionism’s + capitalism’s twisted version of rest and time off.⁣


If you feel anxious or stressed about making the most of your time off, free time, breaks, or rest — it’s not an accident.⁣

It’s not your fault.⁣

It’s not just you.⁣

And you deserve better 💚⁣

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