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"Consistency" as a Low-Energy Creative Entrepreneur

The online entrepreneurship space has endless reminders that we need to be "consistent"...

As someone living with mental illness, I feel invalidated by this conversation. Let's break down exactly what I'm talking about and how we reclaim consistency.

The kind of "consistency" narrative I find problematic:

  • Is focused on your output

  • The aim is to for someone to get as much done or produced as possible

  • Talks about "hacking" productivity & optimizing time so more can be produced

Why this "consistency" narrative feels problematic:

  • Looks at humans like machines

  • Rooted in capitalistic standards

  • Often ableist

  • Places "blame" on the individual instead of acknowledging the systemic problems involved & privileges people have / don't have

Reclaiming Consistency:

  • Shift from output-focused to values-focused

  • Recognize that taking care of your needs can look different from day to day and that's okay

  • Make resting consistent

  • Figure out what we actually enjoy doing and what we don't

Prompts to Consider:

  • In what ways does perfectionism come up in your relationship with consistency?

  • Are there simpler ways to get something done?

  • What comes up for you if I were to say: "you don't have to ___ consistently" ? (ex: post, write, film)

    • the stuff that comes up?? get curious about what it might be rooted in (perfectionism, capitalism, etc)

  • Are you setting 100% as your bare minimum?

  • What thoughts or feelings come up for you when you try to do something "consistently" and are met with resistance from your body or mind?

Consistency Ideas for Creators:

  • Don't force yourself to make one kind of content if you'd rather make something else

  • Set up your profile so that when you're taking a break & a new person finds you, they can easily learn about you and what you offer

  • Be honest with your audience about when you're taking time off and why

  • "Placebo content": have super simple ways to keep posting if that's helpful for you & your creativity to stay engaged in the process

  • Set goals for a longer period of time to allow for breaks (ex: don't set 30 posts as your goal for 1 month. Maybe try 12 instead).

  • Reuse / repeat content

  • Have a tiered system: what you do when you have low / medium/ high energy

  • If you can, outsource the stuff you don't enjoy doing

  • Scale back on the types of content you're trying to make if it feels like too much

  • Have a list of options you can choose from to do one thing a day as your "consistent" action instead of doing everything everyday

  • Do things badly. put "shitty" stuff out there (it's probably not actually that bad)

  • Don't make a content schedule at all and trust the ideas that come to you naturally over time

  • Don't reinvent the wheel every month. repeat things that have worked in the past.

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