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10 Tips for Building a Learning Community on TikTok

#1: There’s no one right way to teach on TikTok.

  • Do not change who you are to try to get followers on the app.

  • People will respond to your unique voice, personality, and energy, and you don’t have to be young, flashy, or “trendy” to bring people to your space.

#2: Repeat yourself. A lot.

  • There is nothing too insignificant or small to teach to people. A successful teaching video can absolutely be 1 sentence long.

  • Break larger concepts down into extremely simple & shortened clips.This will help you create more videos out of one general topic AND is a great teaching strategy.

  • People learn better when information is chunked.

#3: TikTok is NOT Instagram.

  • It's also not Reels. TikTok as a space online has a distinct presence & feel that Reels lacks as it's part of a larger platform (IG).

  • You can post multiple times a day.

  • You can have "low quality made" videos still do extremely well.

  • Many "rules" of IG do not apply here.

#4: Mix up the length of videos.

  • Short videos (under 15-20 seconds) are great for getting your voice & content out there quickly & helping it spread, especially when you first start out. This will help with rewatches and getting more views.

  • Longer videos are great for building trust, community, connection, and depth of knowledge with your audience.

#5: Make use of voiceovers (if interested in that feature).

  • Honestly one of the best things about the app, especially for educational content!

  • If you're not comfortable with being on camera yourself, use the voiceover feature paired with "B-roll" style content to teach your audience!

  • Great for creating demonstration/tutorial style videos to help teach a new concept or skill.

#6: Caption your videos.

  • These can take awhile, especially for longer, chattier videos, but they serve so many purposes.

  • They make your content more accessible, help more people engage with your teaching style, and also help in developing an identity, especially if you utilize the colors, fonts, and effects available with adding text.

#7: Hashtags

  • This is one area where you DO want to think like Instagram. Add as many hashtags as you can fit into your captions.

  • Use relevant hashtags to your video--think of them as file folders....where do you want your video filed under so the right people can find it?

  • Avoid hashtags that already have millions, or especially billions, of views.

  • Small hashtags under one million views helped me grow my audience to 10k within one month.

#8: Create series.

  • This is a great way to organize batches of information that goes together within your page.

  • It will entice viewers to become followers to learn more from you for the long haul.

  • It establishes arcs of learning that make your content more than just entertaining--it's teaching a larger concept or skill over time!

#9: Reply to comments with a video.

  • This is a great way to validate your audience members, encourage dialogue, get new ideas for more content (especially when stuck), and link videos together that are alike in topics.

  • If creating a series, you can even comment yourself (for example: "Click Here for Part 2) and reply to your own comment with a video to link your individual videos into a series.

#10: Make it fun. Make it art.

  • Treat some (or all) of your videos like a digital art project!

  • Play with colors, fonts, stickers, music, and sounds!

  • The more personalized and creative you are when making your videos, the more fun the process will be and the more your audience will get to know you.

  • Know that it can and will change over time as your preferences and knowledge of the app evolve.

  • Adding personal artistic touches to your content will help with brand recognition/identity.

  • It gives personality to your community on the app, which will help excite your followers and keep them coming back for more!

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