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I don’t feel bad about needing time to grow my business. A rant about unrealistic expectations in entrepreneurship.

I’m really done with feeling bad about myself for being an entrepreneur who is still growing her business and figuring it out. And I’d love for you to be done feeling bad too, if that’s also something you experience. 

Especially because there is no “complete” or “finish line” here – there’s just more and more you learn about what works and what doesn’t for you and why. 

!! Two things can be true at the same time – you can be building a business, learning a lot, taking your time to grow, doing it “right,” … AND not be financially or successfully where you want to end up.

I think we can get so bogged down by people on the internet yelling at us to do this, do that, care more about this, stop doing that. It takes time and energy and brain power to just quiet the noise and feel grounded and okay enough to set all that down and make a decision for what works best for ourselves right now. 

Like how dare we, right?? That’s how it feels figuring out being a content creator / online business owner - how dare I not do “what I’m supposed to do” and instead do something that actually works for me or is accessible to where I’m at right now. 

Or how dare I NOT be at the finish line yet. 

How dare I need actual time to grow my business. 

And also how dare I NOT feel bad about myself for it. 

Also - let’s remind ourselves that the only way to grow and develop as an entrepreneur…is to be an entrepreneur. Is to try stuff. Do the thing. (Write that down!!) 

There’s no private lab or cocoon we stay in until we’re Done and Ready and then we emerge, all perfect and put together. 

You taking up your space by putting your ideas and art and offers out there IS you being an entrepreneur. A “correct” one. Because you’re trying. Don’t let anyone convince you otherwise. 

Even if and especially when you’re in the early idea / brainstorming stages – that IS part of the process. You are figuring it out. You are being a creative. An artist. An entrepreneur. You deserve as much validation and recognition as the glamorous 6 figure success coaches we see promoted on Instagram. :) 

You also deserve support and strategy that meets you where you’re at and works WITH where you want to go NEXT. Not some arbitrary goal or standard someone else says is the benchmark you need to work towards. This is what we do inside our program for low energy entrepreneurs - Creative Differences. 

We have no set “finish line” for where we’re trying to get you – income wise, follower count wise, success wise. That’s up to you and will continue to change for you from season to season of your business. 

What we care about is your toolbox of mental, emotional, physical, and creative strategies to take care of yourself along the way. To make the steps of slowly but surely figuring out your business over time as functional, doable, and realistic for you as possible.

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