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Prompts for When You Feel UNCLEAR About WHY and WHAT You're Posting

I’ve used these prompts before with clients who might be multi-passionate, early on in business and content creation, or looking for deeper clarity on how their ideas connect. If coming up with the TOPICS in part FOUR felt unclear or overwhelming, these questions might be supportive in identifying what feels most relevant and potent for you creatively in this current season of life.

I also always like to remind folks that wanting to share / express your story, your experiences, your life lessons is ENOUGH. That is plenty enough reason to create content, to connect with other humans, to share your art, to share your story. Tons of creators build their platforms and communities based on connecting with folks who resonate with their story, their identity, their current chapter.

  • Let's imagine you're sitting down to make a new piece of content (blog post, youtube video, insta post, you can pick if you want to have a specific example in mind but don't have to). What are some motivations you have for YOURSELF for sharing this information / art / story. Like let’s say nobody ended up seeing the piece of content, what does creating it do for you? 

  • On the other side of the screen, someone finds your content. What are some hopes you have for what they’ll take away from it for themselves? What are some things you hope they do next? (Could be connected to your business like “I hope they check out my store” or could be more personal / theoretical like “I hope they remember this thing I talked about and it makes an impact on the rest of their day”)

  • Why is THE TOPICS YOU WANT TO CREATE CONTENT ABOUT something that you want to make content about? What more do you want to say about it? Why is it important to you and your story?? 

  • What are the constant themes / values / ideas across topics? (Having a handful of these identified could very much be ENOUGH in terms of your why, your thread that connects your different pieces of content, your reason for being a content creator in this season of your life and business).

  • What’s your current chapter (in life or business) about? What’s a theme / the themes of this current season? 

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