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For When Everything in Your Life Feels Like it Needs to be Turned Into Content.

Your whole life does not and should not need to be for content. But sometimes it can feel like every time you do anything (make coffee, light a candle, get dressed, watch your dog do something weird, have a new idea for business) you have the urge to somehow share it on social media. There is absolutely a balance to find for yourself (in each season of life and business) between sharing what feels genuine and authentic and even strategic to build out your online platforms while also being able to live in the moment, enjoy your daily life, and not feel like you're "slacking" if you're not posting something to your Instagram story. 

Use the list below to help you reset if you start to feel like anytime you have a new bit of creativity or inspiration, you find yourself trying to implement it into business, content, strategy, marketing, and you want to reclaim some of your creativity for just you!

  • Schedule a social media off day where you intentionally do not post.

  • For a stretch of time – add new ideas to a journal or list first before deciding what to do with them.

  • Half-ass it → share something new to a smaller-scale space like IG stories instead of the whole feed.

  • Check in with your capacities and nourishment. How’s your mental, physical, emotional health feeling?

  • Tell a friend or connection your new idea as your way of sharing it.

  • Allow yourself to try something once without it needing to be a New Thing you do for the rest of Time.

  • Go create in a fun, playful way that has nothing to do with content to exercise some creative energy.

  • Jazz up a regular routine or care task with music, lights, scents, comfy clothes to make it feel special.

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