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Creativity is an Antidote to Perfectionism

Creativity is a powerful antidote to perfectionism.⁣

Perfectionism is built upon never ending standards of efficiency, accuracy, productivity.⁣

There’s no winning or end of the line in a perfectionistic world — there’s always more you could do, change, make, or be to be better.⁣

Another key tool of perfectionism is making us earn our rest, joy, pleasure. It turns human needs into rewards.⁣

And since there’s always more that could be done, we often feel like we’ve never truly “earned” the “reward.”⁣

Which leads to shame, guilt, overachieving, burnout, exhaustion, low self worth.⁣

Enter: Creativity.⁣

We are all creative beings. You don’t have to be an indie filmmaker or multi media artist to be creative. Creativity is part of human nature.⁣

Everything & anything can be creative:⁣

🧽 That solution you figured out for how to load your dishwasher? Creativity.⁣

🚙 That new route you drive to the store to see the trees you like & bypass the stupid intersection? Creativity.⁣

📸 Writing an Instagram caption? Creativity.

How do creativity & perfectionism intersect?⁣

Creativity is a validation of your present needs — whether physical, mental, artistic, spiritual, or whatever else.⁣

*Anytime* we validate how we feel & what we need in the present, we are pushing back against perfectionism, which says your needs aren’t what’s important, & it wants you to continue after the unachievable standard of excellence.⁣

Creativity is a way of saying “I want this thing or experience to be more functional and/or joyful for me & I deserve that.”⁣

What a powerful *fuck you* to perfectionism.

Your business & social media are a form of creativity.⁣

Perfectionism will cut in with all the ways it says you should do things.⁣

Saying yes to your creativity is a way to reclaim who you are.⁣

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