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Business Strategy + Marketing Strategy Content Usually Makes Me Anxious

Like when it comes across my For You Page, my body tenses up and I almost hold my breath. Because most of the content out there is phrased something like "The ONE thing you're NOT doing in business that is costing you money!!" Or something super hyperbolic like that. And maybe there are folks out there who see that kind of content and don't feel that immediate internal struggle or internal recoil of "omg, how have I fucked up again?" But I have a lot of perfectionism trauma, a lot of "good girl" trauma. So you tell me I am not doing something or I am messing something up? I immediately tense. And I know that so many of my clients and the people that I work with feel the same way. But so often we keep watching or we keep reading because what if it ends up being helpful? What if it is something game changing? So here's the deal, I am not here to get rid of that anxiety or that visceral reaction-- that is nervous system work, that is healing work. That is something that takes time, expertise, safety, etc. And in the mean time, there is still a bunch of content coming across our FYP telling us what we're not doing or what we are doing wrong. So because of that, the way I approach my work with folks is not about getting rid of that response, but is instead focused on building up your resources that you can respond with, what you can remind yourself on, what you can lean on, etc. So that these things don't become bigger road blocks in our path or a giant freak out. I don't think it's a mindset block to feel activated on the internet. I think it's a normal response with all that is going on in the world. But we can practice how we respond to ourselves, what we say to ourselves, what we remind ourselves, etc.

All those strategy / hack posts are just ideas They’re not rules, obligations, moral truths. Just an idea. Doesn’t need to have more power than that.⁣ Business and art and creative take time. There’s no one magical on/off switch that you’re missing.⁣ You don’t have to decide to change anything right away no decision that lasts for the rest of your life needs to be made *right this second*⁣

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