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2 Pieces of Advice for Helping your Content Feel More Authentic, Fun, + Flowy ✨

If you're an entrepreneur and you would like your content creation process to feel more free, to feel more flowy, and you want your marketing to feel more authentic but you have been inundated with strategies, with rules, with templates, with frameworks of what we're supposed to do for social media.

It's left you feeling either burned out or frustrated or what you're posting doesn't feel right or doesn't feel true to you.

I have 2 pieces of advice for you:

First is to find small, low-risk ways that you can experiment, where you can feel a little bit more comfortable to set down the “rule book”-- there actually are no rules for social media-- and do what feels fun, playful, creative, authentic, to you.

Personally, I love to do this in Instagram stories but you could also do it on Twitter, you could do it on Tiktok, stories, whatever.

Whatever feels lower risk to you.

Lower the stakes.

Second piece of advice for you to think of your content creation that flows in seasons.

Your content and content creation will not look the same for the rest of your life but that might take time to get used to and that's okay.

What feels valid, truthful, good to you?

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