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We Need More Daydreaming.

"Art + creation is 90% daydreaming.⁣

Knowing that + supporting that is the key to everything.”⁣

I didn’t come up with this quote — it was shared to me by a Tiktok follower from their therapist or professor.⁣

Daydreaming is human.⁣

Daydreaming is beautiful.⁣

Daydreaming is healing.⁣

Daydreaming is rest.⁣

Daydreaming is life-changing.⁣

Daydreaming is art. 🎨⁣

We need more daydreaming.⁣

More daydreamers.⁣

More minds wandering. ⁣

Check out.⁣

Go to your mind-scape.⁣

Let your mind show you want it wants to imagine.⁣

It could change the world.⁣

Or not.⁣

But at least you’re encouraging yourself to allow the big ideas, the colors, the magic in instead of invalidating it as “lazy, unproductive, unworthy.”⁣

It’s not.⁣

It’s the way out and way forward.⁣

Daydreaming is a natural, wonderful, artful process and we should encourage it.⁣


For more conversations like this, check out our podcast especially the episode we did recently about how every human is creative 💚 ⁣

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