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The Low -Energy Social Media Strategy Course

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The social media, business, and marketing industries are currently set up for us to

burn out.

I don’t want that.

Because in order for us to revolutionize the world

in the ways I know we can,

we need creatives like you

with something special and human to share

to be able to make it on social media. 

TiredTok is my love letter to fellow low-energy creative people – the validation that I can personally offer to help you share your much needed art, business, mission, community, joy, writing with the world for the long haul



That’s the purpose of TiredTok – to get you as a content creator and community leader in a place where you are 

1) actively validating the needs of your present self

2) prioritizing your mental health as best you can in our current reality, and

3) sharing your work in a way that feels good for you so that your message lives on beyond one trend, one dance, one video. 


I want you here for the long haul, if that is what you want, too. 

Below are some of the topics I focus on in TiredTok and WHY I focus on them. Why they are important to creating content on Tiktok and Instagram:

Time — your long game strategy & longevity is prioritized, not short-term minutia or details. For example, we focus not on getting a video to go viral or to batch a month’s worth of content. Instead we look at how to make social media something you can engage & disengage with over a long period of time so you & your wonderful message & art don’t burn out.⁣

😴Rest — Breaks & time away from social media are discussed multiple times at length. There’s also ideas offered based on your capacities — and if you have no or low capacity, you are invited to rest as much as possible.⁣

📺Fun/Play — We design your “social media small joys” AKA what are the things you do on apps that are literally just for you & your inner child to enjoy themselves.⁣

🧠Mental Health — I am not a therapist or your therapist, & TiredTok is not a substitute for mental health support. What I can offer, & have incorporated throughout the whole course, is mental health validation, permission slips, & ways to gently disengage from perfectionism, which is so often the culprit of how social media drags down our mental health.⁣

💡Strategy — the whole objective of TiredTok is to guide you to a personalized & flexible approach to content creation & community building on social media. I never tell you that you “have” to do something 1 way.⁣

Your feelings & experiences on social media are validated & held as the guide to what’s going to be a best fit for you long term.⁣

Choices are emphasized.⁣

Autonomy is always given to you.⁣

Adaptability to changing energy & creative needs are built in for you.⁣

Some examples of people TiredTok would be helpful for: 

  • Someone new to TikTok

  • Someone using TikTok and Instagram looking for support in reusing content / not getting overwhelmed 

  • Someone new to social media / starting a new project or business on social media

  • Someone making a reset in their social media presence / messaging 

  • Someone coming back from a long time off social media looking for gentle strategy 

  • Someone burned out from social media 

  • Someone looking for support in creating content that is impactful for their audience 

  • Someone who hates using social media but needs to use it for their business 

TiredTok is a 56 page PDF you download and then can print if you want! (So no Teachable, Kajabi, or any of those guys. Everything is in one document.)

Inside you will find...

✨A very detailed Table of Contents so you can flip to exactly the topic you want to learn more about (included below for your preview!) *The order of TiredTok's content is intentional, but the course is written in a way that you 100% could skip around! 

✨Directions for what to do if after purchasing you are overwhelmed & can’t take on the entire document⁣

✨3 Timeframes to Completing Tired Tok (Slow & Steady over several weeks, The Middle Ground in less than a month, or Powering Through in a day or two!) *not required, TiredTok is self-paced, but these are here to support you if some guided structure is helpful!

Content Ideas included THROUGHOUT, indicated with a blue "Specific Ideas" icon so you can easily find them, especially when you're brain isn't working and you just need someone else to decide for you what to post

Video Explanations of certain topics (you can 100% finish TiredTok without watching them, but they are there if video and audio delivery is supportive for you)

Text that has been chunked and designed to be skimmable (key ideas are emphasized so you don't have to read every single word to know what's going on) 

✨Text that is often broken down into checklist, bullet points, or charts to break up the reading material and organize information for you

✨Guided support for taking what we've unpacked in TiredTok and designing your own flexible content creation strategy (including 3 Google Docs you can use, a video of me prompting you with questions and tasks to help you fill out the strategy planning space if you so choose, and content creation examples for different capacities / energy levels)

✨Strategy and ideas that are rooted in anti-hustle, anti-perfectionism values⁣

FAQ for when confusing social media experiences inevitably happen⁣

Take a peek at the table of contents below, so you can see exactly the topics we get into so you can better decide if this resource is what you're looking for:


Screenshot 2021-11-22 154716.jpg

Why is TiredTok different from other social media strategy?

The way I approach social media is the ✨same way✨ I approach…⁣


😴healing from perfectionism & trauma &⁣

😴living with anxiety & depression…⁣

❗️I focus on 𝘃𝗮𝗹𝗶𝗱𝗮𝘁𝗶𝗻𝗴 𝘁𝗵𝗲 𝗻𝗲𝗲𝗱𝘀 𝗼𝗳 𝘁𝗵𝗲 𝗽𝗿𝗲𝘀𝗲𝗻𝘁 𝘀𝗲𝗹𝗳. ⁣

Society, social media, perfectionism wants you disconnected from what your body, mind, heart & creative self are telling you they need. ⁣

We are sold narratives of grind, hustle, productivity, achievement, & perfection.⁣

The reason I’m talking about⁣

🧠mental health⁣

🧩disengaging from perfectionism &⁣

💤anti-hustle culture⁣

in the context of social media…⁣

is that I *know* there are artists, writers, entrepreneurs, & visionaries with a message to share that can change the world & connect us back to our humanity…⁣

but social media & online business are not offering sustainable paths to getting those messages out there for the long haul.⁣

💚I want you checking in with yourself⁣

💚I want you pausing when you need a break⁣

💚I want you resting when you want to, before it becomes a dire need⁣

💚I want you creating in a way that feels expansive, joyful, & fun⁣

💚I want you & your message to last beyond one content batch, one content calendar, one trend, one viral video, one dance, one reel⁣

For anyone frustrated, worn out, or angry about the traditional advice given to people using social media for business & leadership… I validate those feelings.⁣

I offer to you something different.



Choose the plan you desire below to purchase the guide. 

Anyone who purchases TiredTok before the end of November will be entered into a raffle for a FREE 1:1 Session with Kendall. 

Your copy of TiredTok will be delivered to your email. Please allow up to 30 minutes for delivery + check your spam if you do not see your copy.

Don't see a payment plan that works for you? Reach out to Kendall at to set something else up.

Note: For the 1 Payment of $222 it will say "reoccuring". It is a one-time payment, disregard that verbiage.

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