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work with me 1:1

Who is this for?

Image by Drew Coffman


My 1:1 container is for low-energy humans who are looking for space & strategy to build a personalized, long-term, and flexible relationship with their social media platforms...

So they can share their creativity & ideas for the long-haul WITHOUT constantly wanting to throw their phone into the ocean.

One way to think of this partnership is that through a process of trial, error, reflection, we are workshopping a menu of social media ideas, made just for you based on your personal mental and physical capacities, that you can implement as minimally or as robustly as you want as your energy levels and mental health fluctuate

because you are a human who deserves flexibility and options.

What's included?


3 Month Partnership + Container

Six 90 Min Calls

Over Zoom, scheduled every other week over the course of 3 months.

1:1 Voxer Access

You can Voxer me Monday through Friday for extra support and questions!


You have me in your socials as a collaborator, validator, supporter, and more.

Payment Options

$350 a month* USD ($1,050 total)

*extended payment plans possible


*price & offerings can be made flexible based on needs of each individual

Example Topics We Can Workshop:

A sample, non-exhaustive list of topics we could workshop in our time together:

  • how to set up a new TikTok account

  • the ways in which different social media apps feel for you and your energy levels

  • how to reuse content effectively

  • how terrible and exhausting perfectionism is

  • what your social media content could look like on your low-spoon/low-energy days versus your more-spoons/higher-energy days

  • how much we hate girl-boss/bro-marketing culture in entrepreneurship

  • how to integrate self-care into your social media strategy

  • how to prioritize rest while showing up on social media

  • what to do with annoying people in your comments

  • what you want your Instagram bio to say

  • how to make your content feel more like art and expression

  • the meaning of life

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