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A 1:1 Voxer Coaching Container for Low-Energy Creatives

Let’s gently get perfectionism OUT of your creative process.

To my fellow tired, neurodivergent, mentally ill, chronically ill humans trying to run a business, post on social media, make art, offer things, and live in this economy all at the same time…


  • Do you feel like the advice you see online and in books + courses makes you feel like you’re never doing enough? 

  • Do you feel like all these strategists and coaches have no chill? Which sometimes makes you wonder if it’s you that’s lazy or unmotivated? Because look at all this energy they seem to have…

  • Do you also see content all over social media about how to run your business or post online that stings like only perfectionism can? 


You see elaborate or rigid strategies, plans, steps laid out as end-all be-all solutions to meeting your goals.


  • “Use this formula for 1000 Instagram followers in 30 days.”

  • “Here are the top 3 mistakes you’re making in your content and how to fix them.” 

  • “Make sure your profile, website, and offers all have this, this, and this, updated on this schedule.”

  • “If I could build my business then you can too, as long you follow my exact 72 step plan”

  • “If you don’t complete it, it must be self-sabotage or that you’re not trying hard enough.”

  • “Just show up and create every day. Consistency or bust.” 


You see these promises and maybe you either feel…

a) enticed because maybe just maybe this is the *one answer* to all your frustrations and challenges or 

b) overwhelmed and dejected because you know in your tired soul that doing all that just sounds completely unavailable and exhausting. 


Truth is, whatever you feel is likely coming up thanks to that stinging perfectionism - these hustling narratives all framed with an attitude of

- “Get after it! Try this! Try that! Do more! Learn more! Invest more!” -

inherently activate our perfectionism. 


It’s not an accident. It’s not your fault.

And you deserve better.

Hi, I’m Kendall and I work with low energy creatives on their content creation process and capacities while being online, sharing their ideas + art. 


I’m here to let you know that the typical strategy we see offered for social media, business, and creativity is rooted in perfectionism and is set up to make you serve the strategy instead of having strategy serve you.


As someone with a background in teaching, this fixed approach to business and creating things does not make sense to me at all.


I want creatives like you to know and feel in their hearts that you’re enough and your needs aren’t too much.

KB 2022 validatecreate pic.png

Which is why I made my signature Voxer coaching experience - Validate to Create.


A 1:1 container for us to collaborate, co-create, and commiserate together to understand perfectionism as it manifests for you and gently build a new and flexible creative process, just for you and your business and art.


“For a lot of reasons, I grew up feeling that I had to make all of the "right" choices and that I should always be striving to do my "best." When I found Kendall's concept of anti-perfection, I felt liberated. I still struggle with perfectionism and 'perfectionism - izing' decisions, but less so than before. Kendall's tips and resources have been extremely helpful in supporting my shift away from perfectionism in my business and everyday life” 

- Lauren


What’s Voxer? 

  • Voxer is a messaging app⁣ (feels similar to Instagram DMs) 

  • You can text, send photos & videos, & do unlimited voice memos⁣

  • I’ve found this format is supportive for low energy humans whose capacity for meetings is unpredictable⁣


What do we use Voxer for in this time together? 

  • A place to have your thoughts, feelings, and frustrations acknowledged and validated

  • A way for me to observe patterns in what’s coming up for you 

  • A collaborative workplace for us to brainstorm, organize ideas, create plans, workshop content

  • A space for feedback on how we’re noticing perfectionism coming up for you and suggestions for what to do with that information about yourself

  • A respite for some gentle encouragement, friendly banter, or support for prioritizing your wellbeing 

  • A cozy home for your unique process as a low energy creative 


What specific kinds of topics or issues could you bring to this space? (You can bring whatever is on your heart & mind day-to-day to our space, but if some tangible examples are supportive for you, see below!) 

  • What you want to post on social media for the day / week

  • Something that happened to you on TikTok that’s making you feel anxious or overwhelmed

  • Your new offer you’re ready to share with the world but you aren’t sure what to say, how often to post about it, or how to navigate the emotional aspects of selling 

  • How to make your content creation process for social media simpler 

  • How to navigate taking time off social media then coming back 

  • Some strategies to try for resourcing our needs while showing up online 

  • Connecting with humans on social media in ways that don’t feel super weird or gross 

  • What social media growth or engagement tactics make sense for your content and creative process and which do not and why 

  • How to build in support systems to prepare for energy lows and still needing to post online 




“One of the biggest lessons I learned after working with Kendall and viewing her content was that I am not alone. As a low-energy human, I never saw myself represented in the business space. Finding Kendall and hearing her story was extremely validating. Her resources have supported me in both my business and my personal life.” 

- Lauren 

The perfectionistic online creative space for entrepreneurs and content creators wants us to believe that we’re just *one* strategy away from success. 

That we’re missing something and this coach, book, or course has the magical answer. 

That *you’re* the weak link here. 

That obviously you aren’t doing enough or aren’t doing it well enough, otherwise you’d be seeing fantabulous results that let you know you’re doing a good job. 


I want you to believe that your needs are valid, your creative brain deserves strategies designed specifically for you, and that you and your mental health are always more important than any app, algorithm, or formula. 


Validate to Create was designed for the creative human who…

  • Feels tired a lot of the time. Doing things is a lot for you. But you still have things you’d like to do. 

  • Wants to share your work on social media but feels flustered by or avoidant of the apps.

  • Spends a lot of time on Instagram or TikTok seeing fellow entrepreneurs posting and growing and wishes you could post as often as you see others posting but it takes you so long to make decisions and go through all the steps.

  • Has journaled so much about your mindset, trying to reframe your thoughts about you and your business like you’ve been taught to do but you still feel incomplete, frustrated, or guilty 

  • Just wishes you could *not* do all these hacks or strategies you see for growing on social media 

  • Gets analysis paralysis when you sit down to try and create a new post

  • Has been through a lot and is really in need of some acknowledgement of that from the people offering you ideas for your content and business 

  • Resents social media or connecting with people online because of how exhausting it is 

  • Might scream or lose it if you hear the advice “just be consistent” one more time 

  • Has burned out multiple times and wonders if there’s even a way to do business and social media without burning out 

  • Feels like you’re never doing enough. What you actually get done isn’t good enough.


If you can relate to the above, I promise that you’re not alone. I’ve built Validate to Create as a place to come to reconnect to your needs and cultivate an individualized approach to creativity and sharing your work.


Through validation, simplification, & creative exploration, we’ll⁣

1️⃣ address the overwhelm + anxiety you’re experiencing⁣

2️⃣ honor the needs of your present self &⁣

3️⃣ cultivate a new way for you to engage with your content, business, or creative projects⁣

“Prior to working with Kendall, I felt very lonely in the business space and worried that I was too different, too mentally ill, and too tired to run a business. Through working with her, I have found that I'm not "too" anything and that it's okay to approach business differently than others. If you're someone who feels like you don't fit in the traditional business space, I'd highly recommend working with Kendall.”

- Lauren 


How does this container work? Where do we start and how do I know what to do in Voxer each day?

Our work together will move back + forth through 3 modes - 



Creative Expansion.


  • Validation is for your energy lows, when all you can handle is honoring your present mental + physical needs

  • Simplification is for your typical energy periods when we look at how to make your day-to-day creative work functional + feasible for you

  • Creative expansion is when you have access to more capacity for us to explore what new things we could try for your current routines, creation process, sharing things online


These modes are non-linear, because humans are always in flux & your needs + capacities will shift


The way our relationship and work flow looks in Voxer will be unique to you - but one way we could get started is by recognizing our capacity each day - which mode feels most supportive for you today: validation, simplification, or creative expansion?


This awareness actively begins disengaging you and your creativity from perfectionism. 

Perfectionistic growth strategy would much rather you ignore how you’re feeling and instead prioritize the 52 tasks at hand, push through no matter what to get them done to the highest of standards. 


By validating your current capacity, we can go from there for what feels most nourishing for you. 

Our work together will evolve based on your unique needs and creative journey. 

“Before starting my own business, I worked in environments where it was considered normal not to take breaks and to work until a task was fully finished. I found myself carrying this over into my business, which led to a lot of exhaustion. Kendall introduced me to the idea of validating the needs of your present self. This has helped me a lot in the way I approach my work and also how I care for myself outside of work.”

- Lauren

additional questions

Starting conversations can be hard + awkward for me. What if that part of this coaching container makes me anxious?

I'll address this in the welcome email you'll receive! I offer options for how we initiate conversations, choose topics, and communicate with each other! 

Especially if we've never worked together before, I know that it will take some time + space for us to build rapport + trust. We will move at your pace, and I will never push you to share anything you're not ready to share with me.

What would this look like in terms of day-to-day? How often can I message you in Voxer?

I hang out in voxer, available for messages in real time during these hours on these days: 

  • Mondays 3-6 central

  • Tuesdays 3-6 central

  • Thursdays 3-6 central


Wednesdays / Fridays are not in-office work days for me, but I will periodically check voxer so if something is urgent, you can let me know and I'll get back to you as best I can. In your welcome email, I’ll let you know how to communicate with me if you have an urgent issue you need help with sooner rather than later. 

You can send me a message at any time. If it is sent outside my office hours windows, I'll respond back to you the next day I'm in Voxer! 

There is no limit to how much you want to message me! My response may not be immediate, and it won’t be if sent outside my office hour windows, but this is your space to show up as you are, which means you get to take up as much or as little space as feels right to you. 

KB Validate + Create Voxer (1).png

words used to describe working with me:

What is the cost?


per month

  • When enrolling for the first time, there is a 3 consecutive month minimum

  • Payment can be made in full each month, spread out through an extended payment plan, or broken up to biweekly payments

“In the time that Kendall and I collaborated, I really came away with a lot of clarity and tools I can use in the future for things that felt murky to me at the time. I also was struggling with a specific situation that, without Kendall's feedback and support, would have been much more difficult to weed through on my own. Nothing felt forced or judgy, it was a complete pleasure! Having someone like Kendall to talk out things and get feedback on was so valuable. I am so grateful for the opportunity to work with her.” - Wendy

Ready to have a creative process that’s affirming of your mental health needs, flexible as your capacity changes, and feels like a chill, cozy home for you?

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fill out this form:

Statement of Scope and Competency:

I strive to hold space and offer strategy that is trauma-informed and inclusive of an individual’s lived experience and social identities. I have completed a trauma-informed space holding curriculum, am actively engaged in anti-racism study and work, and am deconstructing capitalistic standards and values in and out of my business. I want to make it clear that we do not guarantee an automatic safe space for you – I recognize that you are the decider of what feels safe and expansive for you. 


My intention is to allow you to access your internal safety as best you can in our current social climate through ample consent, choice, and clarity in our time together. I will remain in our scope of practice when engaging with you and our work together, and I will refer out to qualified individuals for more aligned support when necessary.

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