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My name is Kendall (she/her) and I currently live in Dallas, TX!


I grew up in Dallas but lived in Delaware for 8 years during college/my teaching career. I'm a former high school teacher turned creative entrepreneur as of spring 2020.


Throughout the course of being on social media publicly and starting my business, I've made a course about houseplant care, consulted with people about their houseplants, written a 74 page guide about teaching on TikTok, started a community with my biz bestie Meg for low energy creatives, and now work with people 1:1 on their social media creative strategy. 

I identify as a low energy human, mainly due to my mental health, having depression, anxiety, and CPTSD, but I think even if those magically went away, I would still want to lead a pretty low key, low energy life. 

My mind is extremely active (hello mental projector in human design personality), but my body doesn't like to do a whole lot.

I can't wait to get to know more about you!

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