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Your Next Social Media Post Doesn't Have to Be a Big Deal

Low energy entrepreneurs, gentle reminder that your next post for social media doesn't have to be A Big Deal.

Reminder that most people on the internet aren't paying as close of attention to us and our content as our perfectionism tells us they are. And they usually aren't saying all the hyper-critical stuff our perfectionism tells us they are.

Posting with a higher frequency, repeatedly sharing your offer and message so people have multiple chances to see it and work with it is a key to effective, impactful marketing content.

And... frequency can be really hard when dealing with mental illness.

I’ve had a really tough morning mental health-wise and I kept looking at my phone, feeling like nothing was good enough to post.⁣

I considered just taking the whole day off social media, going dark for 24 hours.⁣

I totally could’ve done that — taking one day off wouldn’t have been that big of deal in the grand scheme of things —⁣

But then I gave myself this reminder 👆⁣

I found some silly stuff on Twitter and Pinterest I can share to my stories (this is one of my social media small joys to help me keep going and enjoy this)⁣

And I typed out this.⁣

Best post ever? Probably not.⁣

Good enough post for a tough day that keeps me on my marketing plan? Yup. ✔️ ⁣


Building up your tolerance for and availability for “good enough” content as your mental health and energy fluctuates is at the heart of low energy entrepreneurship and social media.⁣

So you can keep sharing your business online for the long haul without perfectionism stalling your progress over and over 💚⁣

There’s a wide range of options + versions of posting in between *not posting at all* and the standard your perfectionism tells you to maintain.⁣

Exploring that range + practicing those options can be a huge gamechanger for low energy entrepreneurs and social media 💚⁣


For space + support in exploring that middle range of options for your & your content, I invite you to apply to my 1:1 mentorship 👇 ⁣

📱6 months of voxer together for us to make content creation + social media marketing a sustainable creative process for you + your mental health⁣

Interested? Check out the application here.

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