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You Shouldn't Start from Square One with Each Post on Social Media | Social Media for Entrepreneurs

I don’t want you feeling like you’re starting from square one every time you sit down to make a new piece of content for your business + art.

I want you to feel like you already have pieces of the content done before you even had the idea to make a new post.

  • What kinds of humans is your content + business for?

  • Why will people follow you + keep watching your content beyond the first post or video they see on a friend’s stories or their explore / for you pages?

  • What do you want an audience member to do next after viewing your content?

This creates a steady and accessible pathway for new people + current audience members to travel down as they see your stuff online.

And the more repeatable + simple it is for YOU, the quicker and more easily you can make new content without having to figure all this out every single time.

This could practically look like having set Calls to Actions, a repeatable intro you use for videos, text you always add to posts, graphics, or videos telling viewers how and why to follow you, etc!

These aren’t things you should have to keep remaking / building from scratch. This is a path for your audience that you can build and then use as a way to make content creation simpler for yourself!

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