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Windows + Light for Houseplants

Plants need light. They need light. Light is needed by plants. Plants need light. Say it with me: Plants. Need. Light.

Each window is going to be a little different in terms of how "good" a plant window it is based on:

1) Direction.

2) How big a view of the sky/access to light the plant has.

3) Things blocking the light.

Some plants are going to be more forgiving and flexible than others regarding their light access.

North Facing Windows:

  • Consider these LOWER LIGHT windows

  • Light will be lower intensity

  • Light will be less direct

  • Some contenders:

    • Pothos

    • Philodendron

    • ZZ Plant

    • Snake Plant

  • Good reminder here is that typically, the less light a plant receives, the less frequently it will need to be watered.

East Facing Windows:

  • Consider these LOWER/MEDIUM LIGHT windows

  • Light will be lower intensity

  • Depending on openness to the sun, these windows should get good morning light.

  • Some contenders:

    • Spider Plant

    • Peperomia

    • Prayer Plant

    • Scindapsus

    • Any of the Northern Window plants

Southern Facing Windows:

  • Consider these BRIGHT LIGHT windows.

  • Light will be high intensity.

  • This is typically where plants would receive the most light

    • *See my demo for an example of when this isn't the case

  • Some contenders:

    • Succulents

    • Cacti

    • Aloe

    • Some palms

    • Northern/Eastern plant suggestions (but maybe not sitting directly in the window)

West Facing Windows:

  • Consider these MEDIUM BRIGHT LIGHT windows.

  • Light will be higher intensity mostly in the afternoon -> "Afternoon Sun"

  • Second most amount of light after southern windows

  • Some contenders:

    • Crotons

    • Hoya

    • Fiddle Leaf Fig

    • Rubber Plant

    • Dracaena

    • Northern/Eastern plant suggestions (but maybe not sitting directly in the window)

Window Evaluation Checklist:

  • What direction is this window facing?

  • Are there major blockages outside this window (like trees, other buildings, awnings) or is it pretty open?

  • How much of the sky/sun do I see/feel when I put myself in the spot (as best as possible) where my plant would sit?

  • Use the suggestions in this guide to help you decide what window would work best for your plants!

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