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Why there isn't ONE way to make content for your business

I cannot tell you just how many times and how often l've had this thought:

"If I can just figure out THE WAY that l'm supposed to make my content, then everything else will fall into place."

Yes, there are plenty of content creators + entrepreneurs who find a signature style of how they share their message.

Maybe it's all video edited the same way every time. Maybe it's a familiar graphic. Maybe it's always structured the same.

That is NOT a requirement though.

Having a repeatable, go-to content style can serve many wonderful functions for you in your business + creative process.

But forcing a structure or always searching for the perfect structure likely isn't making content creation more functional. It's likely making it less.

If your idea wants to come through as a 30 second video one day, a blog post length essay the next, then a series of Instagram stories, then a Canva graphic - that's FINE.

The common denominator will always be YOU and your message.

That's what actually matters.

If you find yourself hung up on finding THE PERFECT WAY™ that you're "meant" to make content with for the rest of time...

Check in with your idea - do you have a specific content idea that is ready to share? Can you let yourself just start with that one, and then go from there?

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