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Why I don't really offer 1:1 calls as a social media coach anymore

This has come up several times recently, so let's talk about it here -

1:1 calls!

I LOVE doing 1:1 strategy calls with folks. So fun. So interesting. We cover so much.

And they take a TON of energy for me to do.

My first 1:1 coaching offer was 3 months with 2 ninety minute zoom calls per month.

I had 3 folks join that offer. None of them ended up using all our calls.

For each person, we worked out some other kind of support structure that made more sense for our energy + needs.

I stopped offering calls in my 1:1 mentorship because I noticed just how much energy they take for me, my clients often needed to reschedule due to health things that came up, and the flexibility of Voxer messaging for both me and the client offered much more sustainability.

Now, when I do have calls - 1:1 strategy sessions, calls for our small group program that are every other Friday, or meeting with anyone other than Meg my biz partner ... that's the ONLY call I schedule for that day.

I try not to ever have more than 1 live call per work day.

This is what I've figured out I personally need to make this kind of work sustainable for me. Never having more than 1 call per work day. And usually not having more than 2 per week.

This might be wildly + different than what you want to do for your business. That's fine.

I want to normalize the variety of ways folks might structure their offers and work days to best meet your energy and needs.

There is no one right way to offer strategy, support, space holding as an entrepreneur.

It's okay to change things up if you're feeling depleted.

On the other hand, Meg realized she felt anxious about needing to check in on people with any kind of regularity or frequency in Voxer… so that’s no longer a main way she offers support for folks!⁣

She’d rather have a meeting on her calendar than day to day have another app to check.⁣

Which is why the 1:1 elevated path folks in our small group program get monthly strategy sessions with Meg and then weekly voxer messaging access to me. One works better for her and one works better for me.⁣

There is no one right way for you to set up your business and offer support to folks.⁣

You are not wrong or broken or bad or lazy for needing things to change or look different to someone else you see on the internet.⁣

You deserve to change things if you’re feeling constantly depleted 💚 (this goes for business offers and life in general 🫶)⁣

Thoughts? Feelings? Questions? Comments? Similar or different experiences? Lemme know 👇👇👇

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