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When perfectionism is telling you that what you're creating isn't "meaningful" enough...

When perfectionism is telling you that what you're creating isn't "meaningful" enough...

You can practice reminding yourself that joy, fun, play, expression, experimenting, creativity are all already meaningful.

There truly doesn't have to be more meaning added on top of this.

You can practice reminding yourself that deeper meaning and significance often reveals itself AFTER you've made or done the thing.

You can practice reminding yourself that it's not your job to change or save the world all on your own.

But your creativity can and does still make an impact.

But you have to create for their to be any impact in the first place.

Sometimes we might feel like in order for our ideas to be worth creating, they have to be "meaningful".

And perfectionism can serve up all sorts of arbitrary definitions of "meaning".

Do remember that something you've actually created already has more "meaning" than something that didn't.

And it's not always your job to understand the meaning and impact of something before you create it.

And especially before you share it, if you choose to.

Meaning can come from all sorts of moments from the entire experience of creating something new.

And bottom line-- you choosing to follow an idea through means you expressed yourself authentically and that ALWAYS means something.

I’m so so passionate about helping fellow low energy entrepreneurs, artists, creatives feel more confident, sustainable, & authentic with their social media.⁣ ⁣ Because we have ideas and art and messages and offers that MATTER. So much. We see how the world could be so much gentler, kinder, sustainable.⁣ The world needs to see what you have to offer.⁣ Social media content is one potent way of doing that.⁣

I’m here to help you make that your reality without constant overwhelm or exhaustion.⁣ ⁣ Ready to share what you have to say???⁣ And then maybe take a nap???⁣ ⁣ You’re in the right place!⁣

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