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What is Low Energy? + What Does it Mean to be a Low Energy Entrepreneur:

Low energy is one of those phrases that throws people off immediately, and often intrigues them.

Low energy is a descriptor for any individual that has mental, physical, or emotional limitations that affect daily life. Examples of this include: parents/caregivers, mental illness, chronic illness, disability, burnout from capitalism, and more.

When we talk about being a low energy entrepreneur, or we are talking about low energy in general, these words are subjective. The idea of being a low energy human or entrepreneur is entirely based on the individual. Being low energy looks different from person to person. And not everyone may feel like they are a low energy person! Or they may feel like a low energy person in certain seasons of life.

Being low energy does not look, or mean one certain thing. It shifts and changes and means something different to every single person who identifies with it.

The thing that unites us is knowing that we aren’t alone.

The online coaching and business world is not set up for people with mental health, physical health challenges, disabilities, etc. and it is our mission at The Creative’s Space + Community to change that so that more missions of fellow low-energy creatives can make it out there. Instead of burning out from the strategies and platitudes churned out by big name people online that weren't designed to include us, and were instead designed to uphold systems of oppression, ableism, discrimination, and ultimately white supremacy.

What is an Expanded Definition of Low Energy?

  • Low-Energy or capacity-sensitive humans could mean

    • anyone who experiences mental health challenges

    • individuals with disabilities or chronic illnesses

    • parents, guardians and caretakers whose time and capacity is stretched thin

    • someone who is in the process of grieving

    • anyone who simply identifies with the term and feels it applies to them and their personality

    • and/or anyone who is done with burnout/hustle culture/capitalism and wants gentler, more accessible support and strategy for their lives.

Low-energy is an identifier that only the individual themselves can decide fits their personality and lived experience. We do not assume that someone is low energy, even if they experience any of the listed examples of what could contribute to someone feeling low energy.

Kendall and I developed the term "low-energy" to be able to quickly and compassionately connect with fellow low-energy humans. It was designed by low-energy humans for low-energy humans. Our goal behind using the word in a community-building manner is to validate low-energy humans as they are.

We are all enough. And we deserve to exist in our spaces, entrepreneurship specifically.

Our goal is to uplift individuals' identities, creative process, and businesses through spaces and services that are trauma-informed, compassionate, and anti-capitalist--meaning we will not use manipulation, shame, or pain points as a way to invite humans into our process.

We believe low-energy humans are enough as they are, and deserve a more understanding, empathetic, and personalized approach to entrepreneurship.

No two low-energy humans are the same, which means each person's journey to a restful, joyous creative process in business will be unique.

Interested in learning more and finding some community?

Join our Mighty Network for reminders about low energy entrepreneurship, sustainable business, low energy social media, anti-perfection in business, and more!

We share weekday reminders, a weekly resource, and host events! This space is meant to help you over time create a more compassionate and sustainable business for yourself.

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