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Tips for Simplifying Content Creation for Low Energy Entrepreneurs

Social media + content creation can be a great place to practice validating your current self because there truly is such a wide spectrum of how you can create content & use the apps.

There's plenty of options for simplifying, adapting, and changing.

💡IDEA DUMP of ways to simplify creating content for social media for low-energy entrepreneurs 👇 (save for future reference!)⁣ - not making a fancy graphic for your IG grid or stories⁣⁣ - using twitter or a notes app or taking a photo of a written down idea as your post⁣ - transcribing the words from a video, set of stories, or voiceover into a written post or caption⁣⁣ - taking a smaller idea from a longer post and resharing it as its own post (the tweet screenshot for this post is from a longer thread from Monday of this week 🤗)⁣⁣ - scrolling back on your feed to find an old post that newer followers wouldn’t have seen and resharing it or remaking it⁣⁣ - using an old post graphic or video with a different old post’s caption that works together to create a new post⁣ - saving whatever you shared to stories as a video or graphic and posting it (static images saved as videos can become reels or tiktoks)⁣⁣ - creating a post or video, coming back to it to split it up into multiple posts (esp if you tend to write longer captions or make longer videos)⁣ - using short + simple captions or calls-to-actions especially on posts or videos that already have a lot of content or ideas in the actual post (meaning — don’t feel the need to write a long caption that’s different or new information on top of the actual post you made)⁣⁣ - making the caption the same text as what you included in the post (your twitter thread, your canva graphics, your notes on your phone, your voiceover in a video etc). The two can be the same.⁣

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