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There is no "correct" way to do social media.

Entrepreneurs with loud perfectionism going on: gentle reminder there is no "right" or "correct" order to your social media content.

Your audience sees it all in a different order and timing anyways.

Permission to start wherever.

People aren’t paying as close of attention to your content as your *perfectionism* tells you they are.⁣

The thoughts about people noticing if you “mess up,” do something “cringey” (?), judging each piece of your profile…⁣

For the most part most of the time, that’s not what’s happening.⁣

People are scrolling, likely zoned out, & your content is one of many.⁣

This gets to set us free (not that I expect that to happen overnight because perfectionism is not an on/off switch).⁣

You can practice letting whatever you’re able to do in the moment be enough.⁣

You can practice interrupting the critical chatter.⁣

You can practice posting with more certainty that what you’re doing isn’t wrong.⁣

Our brains + bodies need time to get used to this way of approaching social media. This means, be gentle with yourself. Low energy social media strategy is about the long game.⁣

If some 1:1 support in practicing things like these 👆would be good, read on about how we can work together!⁣


🎉 I’m currently taking new 1:1 clients! 👇⁣

This is for the low-energy entrepreneur who wants their business to expand…⁣

for their business to get into a steady flow…⁣

& to feel a bit more confident in making decisions for their business.⁣

But it’s⁣

📱creating content⁣

✔️posting on social media⁣

✍️ figuring out what to say in marketing content⁣

🙌 building momentum on social media without burning out…⁣

that is holding up progress or causing overwhelm.⁣

If any of that👆sounds like what you're dealing with⁣ this 1:1 space could be a supportive place for you to land.⁣


What do you leave the 6 months with?⁣

1️⃣ A flexible content creation process that can ebb + flow with your energy lows & creative highs that is designed to work WITH your brain + mental health⁣

2️⃣ Simplified ways to market your offers that make sense to you + your audience that we’ve practiced ⁣


📍The Details: ⁣

-6 months⁣

-We use the Voxer app (texting + voice memos throughout weekdays)⁣

-$444 USD / month with extended plans available⁣

Ready to get started? ➡️ Fill out the form here.

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