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The Power of Small Joys

I posted a September Small Joys round up on Instagram and I wanted to talk about the power of small joys...

I posted my first one of these small joys Instagram stories on Sunday, August 27th.⁣ I didn’t do one every single day — from Aug 27 to today, September 29th, I have 27 slides total.⁣ Reminder that you can have a regular, consistent routine or practice or something, and still not do it every single damn day ⁣ Some days I was SO SO excited to create this in my instagram stories.⁣ Other times, I kind of had to push myself a little bit to think of things that were around my present self that I could appreciate or find joy or comfort in.⁣ Some days it felt like a reset, akin to meditation or journaling.⁣ Other days it was the most creative and fun and expressive thing I made the whole day.⁣ Why do I post these on an account focused on perfectionism + low energy content creation?⁣ Because I know and believe that experiencing joyful little moments in our average day to day is a potent and powerful antidote to perfectionism. To hustling. To hyper-productivity culture. To serving the economy. To bypassing ourselves.⁣ Noticing small joys (whatever that means and looks like to you) is a BIG deal.⁣ Because it means you are…⁣ …Slowing down enough to allow yourself to notice and appreciate and experience small things that make you who you truly are…⁣ …Giving yourself the space and energy to enjoy something in the moment…⁣ …Appreciating what brings you joy no matter how much you’ve produced or accomplished or achieved.⁣ And all of that is HUGE.⁣ BIG.⁣ Healing.

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