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Taking Breaks Helps Us Build Relationships Online

We all need breaks, including breaks from each other.

Entrepreneurs & content creators might feel this weight & pressure from perfectionism to “show up” all the time on social media. This makes sense to me because in a society where we are valued by our output, the more social media content we produce, the more worthy & valuable we’ll be to our audience, right?

But that’s not how it works because we’re dealing with ✨humans✨ who have limited attention spans, unique energetic capacities, and fluctuating needs & lives.

It’s not a bad thing if your audience members need to take a break from your content. That is totally normal


I want to validate that if that information feels uncomfortable for you, I get it. Because we’ve been taught by many different systems & industries that we need to be “on” as much as possible & the less time we spend “off” the “better” we are.

Rest becomes associated with being not a good person.

Doing more & producing more becomes associated with being a good person.


One of the most liberating things for my mental health & selfworth I heard when I was a classroom teacher was when my friend told me that my kids need a break from me & our class, too.

That the day I took off for my mental & physical wellbeing, the kids having a sub & subwork to do instead of me & a full lesson plan…

Could actually be really supportive for our working relationship together & their capacity for our curriculum.

I offer that insight to content creators, community leaders, & entrepreneurs.

Your audience deserves breaks from you just as much as you deserve breaks from them. YOU taking a break allows them a break AND validates to them that taking time off is something that you & your community values.

✨Taking breaks builds relationships online✨

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