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Social Media Things I am NOT Doing Right Now as a Content Creator + Low Energy Entrepreneur

Social media things I’m not worrying about for this current season of life so I can actually get my brain to make + post content:

  • posting time

  • hashtags

  • graphic design

  • having a full, original caption

  • TikTok

Like I paused my Canva Pro subscription because I wasn’t making any graphics… I didn’t even know that was allowed if you’re an entrepreneur. I thought for sure my business license would be revoked or something. Spoiler alert — they didn’t take away my business (yet). ⁣

It’s like not having a ring light (which I also don’t use )

I paused my Canva Pro subscription because I wasn’t using it.

And fun fact my most recent posts have had some of the highest numbers of saves / shares I’ve had in a long time. I’ve gotten new followers. My business has not disappeared off the planet.

The content that actually gets posted is the content that gets seen by the most people.

What you as the creator *need* in order to get that content actually posted onto the internet is valid Whether that’s scaling up or scaling down the # of steps Doing more. Doing less.

What you need as the content creator to get your content posted WILL change from season to season. That’s normal. Because you’re a human whose needs, ideas, goals, and energy changes.

You’re not doing it wrong if your content creation process looks different from season to season (and “seasons” could mean literal seasons, could be a week, could be an undefined amount of time — whatever *you* need ) In fact, I’d argue you’re doing creativity right.

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