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One Thing My Ex Did I'm Thankful For

My ex was the first person to point out to me that I might have PTSD…

We were grocery shopping and I honestly don’t remember what exactly happened, but I started hyperventilating and had to get out of there.

This person I was dating has been in the military and experienced PTSD themselves. They knew what the signs could mean.

The crowded, tight spaces with the fast decision making triggered my nervous system to an experience I had early on as a teacher. It was 3 full years in between the thing I experienced and that day in the grocery store.

Mental illness is truly no joke. Like a chronic illnesses, it can redefine all aspects of your life. Your routines. Your relationships. Your capacities. Your interests. Everything.

Something I’m keen to notice now is the resistance to accepting what someone says they need or what they say they can or can’t do.

It is so deeply engrained in us to improve, optimize, problem solve, aim higher, achieve more. (internalized capitalism + perfectionism)

Strategies, apps, and formulas are held as the thing to honor instead of the human in front of us.

I see this over and over.

Human shares that they have such and such experiences, identities, and/or illnesses that mean that they can’t work for long periods of time, it’s hard to imitate tasks, multi step processes are overwhelming, etc.

The response is so often — the process we’ve decided is best for accomplishing this task cannot be criticized. Instead, we criticize *you.* What a crappy world to live in.

There is so much more in the room with us when we’re building businesses, posting online, fostering relationships, and creating things.

Stuff like our mental health, energy levels, executive functioning, relationship to work and creativity, self talk, plus the intersecting systemic issues we face everyday.

I went to the grocery store for probably the 478th time in my life and had an anxiety attack.

Because of something that happened 3 years prior.

Entrepreneurship, social media, relationships, and creativity are filled with emotions.

They activate sensitivities.

It involves our whole self.

I’m so not interested in preserving processes and rules that weren’t designed for a brain like mine.

I’m so not interested in invalidating someone’s humanity and needs in pursuit of us achieving “perfection.”

Support & strategy for creatives and entrepreneurs should reflect the whole human self.

If you’re an entrepreneur, artist, or small business looking for development space and strategy that is gentle, neurodivergent - sensitive, affirming of your needs, and creativity-inspired, our free community and business program is for you.

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