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Low Engagement and Social Media for Low Energy Entrepreneurs

If you struggle with posting on social media, and getting low engagement contributes to that as well, I see you.

I validate you.

It sucks to use the spoons to make and share something and then the numbers don't reflect all your energy you used.

Low engagement sucks. And it sometimes often happens due to things completely outside of our control. Or outside our capacity to deal with.⁣

I don’t think you need to feel bad about feeling bad about low engagement either.⁣

It doesn’t make you a shallow or insecure person.⁣

Engagement metrics and numbers are bombarding us on social media.⁣

It’s normal to be impacted by them.⁣


My hope is that you have access to gentleness with yourself when either engagement is low or you have some loud inner chatter going on about numbers and what they “mean.”⁣

My hope is also that the times when engagement feels low or lower, you’re able to honor what you need.⁣

Sometimes that might mean taking a break from posting.⁣

Sometimes that could look like posting more but saying fuck it to any strategy and just posting what feels doable or fun.⁣

Sometimes that might mean asking for support.⁣


Low engagement doesn’t *have* to have deeper meaning. We can use it as information.⁣

But it doesn’t have to mean anything about your worth, value, caliber, or skill as a creative, artist, entrepreneur.⁣

You and your ideas are so much more than the numbers on this app 💚⁣

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