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Low Energy Entrepreneurs, Social Media + Perfectionism

Lots of low energy entrepreneurs have very active perfectionism. There's a wide range of options and versions of posting in between *not posting at all* and the standard your perfectionism tells you to maintain.

Exploring that range and practicing those options can be a huge gamechanger for low energy entrepreneurs and social media.

The thing about perfectionism is that it can take a lot of time + practice to be comfortable with doing something different, that goss against what perfectionism tells you you “have” to do as the bare minimum. For it to be “good.”⁣

Remember, perfectionism is not an on/off switch.⁣

Building up your tolerance for and availability for “good ENOUGH” content as your mental health + energy fluctuates is at the heart of low energy entrepreneurship and social media.⁣

So you can keep sharing your business online for the long haul without perfectionism stalling your progress over and over 💚⁣


For space + support in exploring that middle range of options for your & your content, I invite you to apply to my 1:1 mentorship 👇 ⁣

📱6 months of voxer together for us to make content creation + social media marketing a sustainable creative process for you + your mental health⁣

Interested? Check out the application here.

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