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Love Notes for Creatives Living with Loud Perfectionism

Keep reading to feel a little bit better about not doing the most all the time...

You don’t have to have all the answers figured out right now. In fact, you NEED space & energy so you can shift as your ideas and desires evolve.

Giving yourself permission to allow some things to remain unknown or undecided is actually a great use of your present energy. You can try something new absolutely knowing it likely won’t last forever or be the way you do that thing for the rest of time.

Giving yourself permission to change your mind later on actually allows for your present self to be tended to more fully and honestly. You don’t need to hang onto a routine that doesn’t work for you. Perfectionism will say it’s *you* that needs changing.

Giving yourself permission to set down the “rules” so you can create in a way that works for you is actually a way to get more done, especially long term.

I like turning perfectionism on its head with why NOT listening to it will actually be MORE productive, efficient, and effective.⁣

It can help a lot when you’ve got loud perfectionism to have practical, logical, tangible explanations to counter your perfectionism with.⁣

As opposed to a lot of the more toxic positivity, high-vibes only kind of stuff you often see on Instagram that, while mostly well-meaning, doesn’t often work long term or feel personally applicable.⁣

Like the whole joke about you say “everyone should be kinder to themselves!”⁣

Brain: Except You 🤔⁣

You: Except me 🙂⁣

Meeting perfectionism with practicality & realism is my special sauce.⁣

This post has 3 helpings of it 💚💚💚

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