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Letting Go of Perfectionism in Business

Do you feel like it’s time to stop trying to “let go of your perfectionism” like it’s some on/off switch because inevitably, it keeps coming back up?⁣

Again, in case your new here — we don’t talk about perfectionism as an individual mindset issue you can just “let go of.”⁣

It’s not an accident or something you’re doing “wrong” if it feels like you can’t let go of it.⁣


I don’t try to get you to let go of perfectionism.⁣

Instead we practice validating your needs, capacities, and creative process as you create content and show up on social media.⁣

So that you can spend more time with more ease creating in the middle ground between doing nothing and doing something “perfectly.”⁣


If this feels like a it could be a little weight lifted off your shoulders, I want to invite you to apply for my 1:1 mentorship!⁣ 👇⁣

Most of the folks I work with have ADHD and/or autism, some combo of mental + chronic illnesses, & have experienced some level of burnout + overwhelm with figuring out how to use social media in a way that works for them.⁣

TBH, it’s a very different ✨vibe✨ from most online business / coaching / content strategy spaces.⁣

We spend very little time talking about the algorithm and A TON of time talking about mental health + self worth as creators + entrepreneurs.⁣

My hope is for you to feel less like social media is something you have to be “good” at & more like content is a creative process you get to personalize to your needs.⁣


I work 1:1 with low energy entrepreneurs through the Voxer messaging app!⁣

🆘 You can think of it like your own personal help desk, brainstorming space, venting space, & back pocket support tailored just for you⁣

I’m there with you day-to-day helping you feel more in control of what you do & how you use your limited energy to make the most of your content.⁣

Interested? Check out the application, here.

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