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If you're feeling "too much" or you're taking up to much space or it feels "too cringe"

When perfectionism is telling you that your creativity is "too much" or "too cringe" or you're taking up too much space...

You can practice reminding yourself that people aren't paying as close of attention to you, especially in a hyper-critical way, as your perfectionism tells them they are.

You can practice reminding yourself that it doesn't have to be all or nothing. You could create and share in a smaller, less visible way if that makes it more accessible for you right now.

You can practice reminding yourself that the world needs more creativity and ideas. Not less.

You're sharing something that helps people feel seen, or happy, or inspired, or something else important. You really are.

Feeling like sharing "too much" art or ideas or creativity is a common experience.

You don't need to listen to that narrative. You also don't need to feel bas for having it in your head. You can always reevaluate after sharing something. Decide how you felt about the experience afterwards and if you'd change anything moving forward to make it more sustainable for you. ⁣ But don't let perfectionism decide - it will always find a reason for you to not share ⁣

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