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If Over & Over I'm Not Getting Anything "Done" ... What's My Purpose?

"Who are we when we aren’t doing?" - Joel Leon

Contrary to what we are indoctrinated with by our society…

You are more than your job.

You are more than your to-do list.

You are more than your output.

You are more than your productivity levels.

You are not something that constantly needs optimizing, strategizing, tweaking, perfecting, and tracking.

You are a human. You are you. And that is beautiful, wonderful, inspiring, and enough.

This is a journey I’m personally on.

Exploring who I am when I am not doing.

Things I have learned about myself:

- I have deep levels of compassion.

- Music is incredibly healing & restorative for me.

- I love to slow down and enjoy the experience of eating food.

- I love being in water.

- I love the stars.

- I feel deeply connected to animals.

- Laughter is such a healing and joyful experience.

I invite you to find spaces in your day to slow down, breathe, and get to know a little more about yourself outside of being productive, working, or planning for the future.

Who are you right now?

What can you learn from yourself in the present moment without putting any pressure or judgment on yourself to change, do better, do more?

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