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If content creation is overwhelming, I would say it likely isn't serving your business.

If content creation and marketing feels overwhelming, sticky, or frustrating-- in particular if this feels like your *constant* state with social media-- then I would say it's NOT serving its function in your business.

Creating content and marketing is meant to serve functional purpose in your business. Growing your audience. Sharing your art + offers. Building paths for people to say yes to working with you.

My perspective is that functional means it's serving us, meeting our needs, and adding something to our life. This doesn't mean *no overwhelm ever*.

But.. if the overwhelm or other not ideal feelings is long term *impeding* your capacity to use social for your business and the functions it should serve...

That's a sign to me that we might need to try something different. Or simpler. Or gentler.

Notice in none of this did I say anything like "you're doing something wrong".

"You're not trying hard enough".

"You're not really invested in the success of your business."

If you've been sent that message by other people, I am truly sorry.

That constant overwhelm can be a sign that YOU *deserve* different support.

Gentler strategies.

Simpler processes.

This is low energy social media strategy.

You are not the problem that needs to be fixed.

One way you can practice this approach today is by asking yourself "what do I have the ENERGY to create / post today?"

Instead of something like, "I have to create content THIS way in order for it to be right / good and if I don't do it that way, I just won't post at all."

If that’s enough nourishment for you right now, awesome.

If more support with low energy social strategy would be good, check out my 1:1 mentorship.

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