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How to Launch Things as a Low Energy Entrepreneur

My #1 recommendation for launching….

As much as you are able to within your lived experience, privileges or lack thereof, and energetic capacities… Give yourself more time for the launch than you think you need.

I think this should have always been included in launching advice and strategy, but especially now in a pandemic…People just simply need more time to process.

And *you* need time to rest, reflect, and reengage with your launch.

Being on 24/7 trying to keep up momentum and hype us is not sustainable in the short term or long term.

Building in time for you to take time off social media, step away from your launch and audience is restorative for you AND it is also a down beat for your followers to decompress and return to learning about your offer with more capacity.

Again, people just simply need more time to process.

It doesn’t mean anything about the quality of your offer.

It doesn’t mean anything about your ability to bring in clients and customers.

It doesn’t mean anything about the quality of your marketing content (like social media posts, emails, etc).

You could have the absolute most clear, motivating, and effective launch ever…

And people will still need ample time to process the offer and decide to enroll.

Sometimes this will mean it feels deadass quiet and no one is buying.

It doesn’t mean people aren’t in their decision process though.

So *bonus tip* - if you have a launch for an offer that has a clear end date to the launch and start date for the offer (like a live group program starting) - as best you can, see the launch through to the end.

(This is general advice…depending on what’s going on in your life, health, finances, and more, we might have more personalized and strategic advice for you).

Absolute worst case scenario - no one buys it *this time.*

Seeing it through to the end of your launch process builds up really strong awareness of the offer and we can try relaunching again.

It shows your audience what a complete launch process looks like in your world.

It shows your audience it was a legit offer — what I mean here is that there is so much going on in the online entrepreneurship world that we see offers all the time that then we never hear about again. Seeing that you gently brought your launch to a clear end gives your audience closure and confirmation of the process, whether they bought your thing or not.

This builds routine and legitimacy to your launches in the present and the future.

Meg and I added the topic of launching into our topic calls for Creative Differences. We’ll unpack this in much more nuance and sensitivity to the individuals in the cohort.

Launching is really hard. It is draining.

It is exposing. It is activating.

You’re not alone if the thought of *launching* something sounds terrible.

The traditional launch strategy is not low energy human friendly *at all.*

So we’re here to build launch plans that work *with* your capacities.

Check out Creative Differences + the other ways you can work with Meg and I.

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