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How I Became a Houseplant Content Creator

I thought I was going to be a high school teacher for the rest of my life. I had a Bachelors and Masters in Education, and was in my fourth year of teaching.

Then in the fall of 2019, I experienced probably the toughest month of my whole life.

I spent the rest of the school year struggling to make it through the school days but motivated to come home and work on my business. I had a dream of starting something for myself. Partly as a way to care for my exhausted soul and partly as a way to find other avenues of sharing knowledge & connecting with others.

Houseplants were a critical part of my twenties. Thanks to plants, and other things, like therapy, I slowly but surely started taking care of myself. Doing things like sleeping, eating full meals, and relaxing. I no longer felt like I had to give over every second of my life to my job.

I knew I wanted have honest conversations within the plant community about being a plant parent with a ton of plants while navigating the real challenges of mental health, like anxiety, depression, and overwhelm.

I did not expect for that to happen on TikTok.

Somehow the magic of TikTok's culture & authenticity brought me to so many people who were eager and ready to have real talks about plants and mental health, and this evolved to become the Low Energy Plant Parenthood framework!

Now, I show up everyday on TikTok chatting with my people. I offer planty advice on and offline. I help people grow their own TikTok learning community. I write things. I work with my biz bestie, Meg.

TikTok offered a space for compassion, community, and connection that I didn't realize I badly needed.

As a business-owner. As a plant-mom. And as a human.

My teacher-self loves it like no other social media app I've used, and empowering others to share their own magic on TikTok brings me so much joy.

You never can predict how your life is going to look.

I now care less about how my life looks on paper and how it feels to me and my mental health. And I'm so grateful.

Thank *you* for being here with me :)

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